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Meeting Halls

What are Meeting Halls?
A Town Meeting Hall provides a location for member groups to meet as well as services that aid in running the running of events and activities. Each Hall contains several reservable meeting rooms, a place to rent services such as food carts and themed tents, a shop to purchase unique group insignia and other supplies, and a private tavern. The Hall also allows groups to issue news items and event announcements. Some services are available immediately upon joining, others become available after time and demonstrated community involvement. The Hall is not responsible for the quality of events run by member groups.

How does one become a Hall member?
Any group with a defined purpose which is open to new members and engages in activities which involve the greater community is eligible to join the Meeting Hall. To apply, a group must pay a filing fee of 100,000 silvers and submit an application stating the group's name, their purpose and/or goals, their leadership structure and current contact person, their membership requirements, their group symbol or crest, and the town in which they are primarily based. The application will be reviewed and either accepted or returned to the group with an explanation of why revision is needed.

Elements of the application:

This will be going on a plaque outside the Hall, so give it some thought! Names that violate game policy will be turned down.

Purpose or Goals:
Not every group has to have a high and lofty purpose, or a good and noble one. Almost any sort of goal will work, as long as it will somehow involve or affect non-members (this may just be a matter of how you state it. "The purpose of our group is to make us rich" isn't community-related, but "the purpose of our group is to provide XYZ services to raise funds for our personal use" is). It is understood that a group's purpose may change and evolve with time. Again, a purpose which explicitly violates game policy will be returned for revision.

The character name and email address of the group's contact person must be provided. The filing fee will be taken from this person's account, and the application will be returned if the funds are not available. There are no restrictions on the type of leadership structure. You may provide the current officers' names if you desire. In order for the group to prosper it is suggested that at least one of your leaders have a minimum of six months experience in Elanthia.

Who is eligible to join your group, and how will they be selected? There are no restrictions on criteria or methods, nor is there a membership minimum. Please provide a list of current members.

Group crest:
This will be the identifying mark for your group and will most likely form the basis of your group badge or insignia should you request one later on.

Primary town:
Each town has its own Hall,
and although member groups can access the Hall and its services in any town, only one will be considered the group's "home base." If it becomes necessary, a group can designate a new base for a small fee. The town in which you pay the filing fee will be set as your primary town.

Event Outline:
A basic outline of the first event your group intends to run after becoming Hall members.

What happens after a group is accepted as a Hall member?

Membership Levels
There are three levels of membership in the Meeting Halls. All groups that join the Hall will start at the first level, regardless of prior activity. The only exception is in Platinum, where all groups will start at the third level.

First tier - Notable Groups
The group name is added to a plaque outside the Hall and the group leaders will be able to officially induct new members. The group will have access to each town's Hall and will be able to use (but not reserve in advance) the meeting rooms inside. The group will also be able to submit news items to spread the word about group events. A minimum of one event a year is required to stay at this tier.

Second tier - Prominent Groups
After at least six months of membership and the successful completion of no fewer than two public events a group is considered well-established. At this point the group will be able to reserve meeting rooms in advance, rent food carts and themed tents, and set up a crier to announce their events locally. The group will also have the option of designing their own member insignia, which will be added to the supply shop of their home Hall. A minimum of four events a year are required to stay at this tier.

Third tier - Distinguished Groups
After at least twelve months and the successful completion of no fewer than six public events a group moves into the third tier of membership. The group can now request some customization of event supplies such as tents, food, mood messaging, prizes, and souvenirs. Those groups that participate in the semiannual meetings (described below) will also be able to apply for a permanent structure of some kind. The structure can take any form and may be either public or private, but cannot be more than ten rooms total. Construction is entirely subject to approval by the Hall Steward (the supervising GM). Some pre-designed structures may be available for a reduced cost. A minimum of six events a year are required to stay at this tier and a large, active membership will almost certainly be necessary to support these events.

How can a group become more involved in the Hall itself?
Every six months the Hall Steward will hold a general meeting. Each member group has the option of sending a delegate to this meeting. Members are encouraged to discuss the value of the Hall's current services and provide suggestions for new ones. Once the Hall is properly established, review of new applications will be handled by a council elected from the delegates to the general meeting. The council will be able to either approve applications or pass them along to the Steward for further consideration, but will not be able to reject them. The frequency of the council's meetings and their tenure in office will be decided when the council is first created and will be determined partly by the volume of applications needing review.

Are there any dues associated with Hall membership?
Member groups are not asked to pay dues. Instead, the Hall supports itself by charging for services actually used. Each group can choose its own level of involvement and select only those services it really needs.

Can a group lose its status as a Hall member?
A group which fails to meet its minimum requirement of events per year will be dropped to the next lowest tier, and will have to work its way back up again. A first tier group which does not produce at least one event a year runs the risk of being removed from the Hall roster entirely.

A group may also request inactive status or cessation of membership. Requesting inactivity will remove the group from the Hall roster but reinstatement can be requested at any time without the need to reapply. A group that chooses to cancel membership will be removed from the roster and must reapply in order to rejoin.

A group whose activities as a group violate game policy will forfeit Hall membership and will not be able to reapply. However, the individuals will still be able to join existing groups or form new ones.




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