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Isle of Four Winds and Four Winds Halls

Want a quiet place to relax or roleplay?

Isle of the Four Winds

Premium members have access to the Isle of the Four Winds, a lovely island in the tropics with unique shopping, service merchants, long-term Premium membership offerings and more. Even getting there is fun, with the help of Four Winds teleport jewelry, available in every Four Winds hall.

Tropical Location
Town Services:
Bank, Healer, Cleric
Western Harbor, Saewehna Lagoon, & More!
Boggle's Vineyards
Furrier, Locksmith, Gemshop, Herbalist, Pawnshop, Boutique, Fletching shop, Armory, Weapon shop, several eateries, Inns, and more!
Free Trading Policy:
Trade items at will with other players!
Transport System:
Get there with flair! Teleportation jewelry is available in every Four Winds hall.
Four Winds Halls

Premium members also have access to a special clubhouse in each of GemStone's major towns where they can chat, buy food, and more!

Williwaw Hall, Ice Mule Trace
  Directions:   From the South Gate - w, w, nw, go snow-covered path, ne, go gate house
  Services:   Refreshments, Earthnode, Ice-skating rink, Transport items
Zephyr Hall, Wehnimer's Landing
  Directions:   From the North Gate - n, go path, n, go door
  Services:   Refreshments, Earthnode, Menagerie of premium pets, Transport items
Welkin Hall, Ghorsa Isle (Teras)
  Directions:   From the Ghorsa Tower - ne, go stony path, nw, go door
  Services:   Refreshments, Earthnode, Transport items
Mistral Hall, River's Rest
  Directions:   From Commons Circle - west to Spring Rest, go Long Pier, e, ne, go door
  Services:   Refreshments, Earthnode, Flower garden, Transport items
Solano Hall, Zul Logoth
  Directions:   From the Crystalline Cavern Monument - n, go gate, go arch
  Services:   Refreshments, Earthnode, Water garden with waterfalls, Transport items
Tent, Ta'Illistim (Temporary Quarters)

From the Sapphire Gates – go tent

  Services:   Transport items
Tent, Ta'Vaalor (Temporary Quarters)

From Amaranth Gate – nw, nw, go tent

  Services:   Transport items
Tent, Solhaven, (Temporary Quarters)

From the North Market – sw, west, go tent

  Services:   Transport items

Premium memberships are offered as an addition to your basic subscription price. In order to take advantage of all of the bonuses offered under the Premium Membership package, you must have both a Basic subscription as well as the Premium subscription.

Only one character on any account may be in the game at the same time, so if you want to play more than one character at once, you will need an extra Basic account.

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