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Private Homes

Individual Player Homes (not to be confused with Houses of Elanthia) are available to anyone who has been a Premium customer for 90 consecutive days.

Choose where you want to live! Homes range from shacks in crowded, shantytown slums to expensive, standalone mansions in the wilderness!

Create your own home description! Choose from hundreds of furniture items to upgrade your home from a basic hovel to a den of luxury. The furniture you purchase will be woven together into a room description based on the style of your choice. You can even select a scent for your home!

Complete privacy for you and your guests! Control the access of familiars and locating spells!

Roleplay opportunities! PEER into your friends' windows to see if they are home. SHOW unwanted guests to the door. LIE on your bed, LEAN on the wall, or SIT in a chair. You can also LIGHT and maintain a fireplace!

Choose from a wide variety of pets for your home!

The homeowner has full access to the home, and is the only one able to purchase upgrades. He or she may designate one guest who will have access to the home at any time, even if the owner is offline.

The outside of each home is a unique object in the game that may be upgraded and manipulated. Most homes are organized into neighborhoods. Type HOME HELP and HOME in game for additional information.

Premium memberships are offered as an addition to your basic subscription price. In order to take advantage of all of the bonuses offered under the Premium Membership package, you must have both a Basic subscription as well as the Premium subscription.

Only one character on any account may be in the game at the same time, so if you want to play more than one character at once, you will need an extra Basic account.

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