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Premium FAQ

The most comprehensive and up-to-date information on Premium membership and benefits can be found in-game using the PREMIUM verb.


Premium Teleport Jewelry
Premium Homes
Extra Characters
Locker Manifests
Premium Points
Type Ahead


How do I get to Four Winds Isle?

You can pick up a Four Winds Isle teleport item from the following premium halls:

Williwaw Hall, Ice Mule Trace:
From the South Gate: w, w, nw, go snow-covered path, ne, go gate house

Zephyr Hall, Wehnimer's Landing:
From the North Gate: n, go path, n, go door

Welkin Hall, Ghorsa Isle (Teras):
From the Ghorsa Tower: ne, go stony path, nw, go door

Mistral Hall, River's Rest:
From Commons Circle: west to Spring Rest, go Long Pier, e, ne, go door

Solano Hall, Zul Logoth:
From the Monument: n, go gate, go arch

I can't find the type of scroll that I am looking for!

You use the same scroll (an alter scroll) for all services. Just write which service (padding, adding flares, lightening, and so on) you prefer on the scroll. There is only one scroll in the lighthouse and you use that scroll for all services.

What happens if I cancel my premium membership and still have money on Four Winds Isle?

Your money stays there. Please transfer your money off the isle before canceling your premium subscription. If you have already canceled and still have money on FWI, then you will have to ASSIST.

Premium Teleport Jewelry

How do I use the FWI transport item?

After picking up a teleport item from one of the premium halls, all you need to do is wear the item and turn it and you will be taken to FWI. If you want to leave FWI simply wear your transport item again and turn it and you will be returned to the original spot from which you left. There is a limit on how often you may transport on and off the isle. LOOK at your transport item to see if it is dull or scintillating. If it is scintillating you may use it to transport. If it is dull you may not. You can also LOOK at your transport item to see if it is flashing. A flashing teleport item indicates there is a merchant working on FWI for premium subscribers.

I seem to have lost my jewelry piece that transports me to the Four Winds Isle. Is it possible to replace it?

First, search your locker and belongings. Often the teleport item has just been misplaced. If you dropped your transport item you should be able to pick up another one from the FWI halls. If you are unable to pick one up you will need to ASSIST so a GM can reset it for you.

I dropped my teleport jewelry and am still on Four Winds Isle! Help! What do I do?


Premium Homes

I used to be a premium member but had to cancel my subscription for awhile. Now I'm back! Where's my home?

Homes disappear when your subscription is canceled. You will have to pick out a new spot and purchase another home.

Where can I purchase a facade for my premium home?

Facades for all premium homes are available for purchase in the establishment located at Honeysuckle Crossing on FWI.

Extra Characters

Is there any way to sign two or more characters on at the same time?

No. No more than one character can be logged into the game at a time. The only way to have a second character logged in is by opening a second account.

Locker Manifests

How can I get a locker manifest?

A locker manifest is free to all premium members. Simply go to Four Winds Isle, go into the bank, go through the arch, and go east.

How do I look at the contents of my lockers in different towns?

Use FLIP MANIFEST to flip to the next tab (town) in your manifest. FLIP MANIFEST [TOWN] to flip to a specific town. So FLIP MANIFEST SOLHAVEN to view the contents of your locker in Solhaven.

I think I lost my locker manifest. How do I get a new one?

First search your belongings and locker for the manifest! If you happened to drop it you should be able to pick up a new one. If you cannot pick up a new one and you cannot find it within your belongings, ASSIST.


How do I get a bankbook?

A bankbook is free to all premium members. Simply go to Four Winds Isle, go into the bank, go through the arch, and go east.

Premium Points

How many Premium Points do I earn each month?

Each account earns 100 premium points per month of membership. These points can be spent on a number of services available to premium members.

Long-Term Premium Incentives

If I cancel my Premium membership do I lose my points?

No. If you cancel your membership you will stop earning points, but you will not lose the points you already have. Your premium points will be available to you when you again upgrade to Premium membership.

I've heard that if you were a premium subscriber in the past that you could now receive points for each month that you were previously a member. Is this true?

Yes! And it's a great reason to return to being premium. When you reactivate your account, you will have credit for the total number of months that you were premium, regardless of whether these months were consecutive or not.

So the time I was premium prior to my leaving will be converted into premium points for use now?

Yes! For each month that you were premium in the past, you will be given 100 points!

How do I see my points?

Type PREMIUM START to see how many points you have. If you feel there's something missing, you can contact Billing.

Can I back pay to receive points for months in which I was not a Premium member?

No, back paying is not allowed.

Can premium points be used to alter my features?


Can premium points be used to alter my animal companion?


Can premium points be used to alter my premium home?


Can premium points be used to alter my shop?


Can premium points be used to add sighting to ranged weapons?


Can premium points be used to unlock items?


Can premium points be used to receive the services of my favorite merchant?


Can premium points be transferred between accounts?


Can premium points be transferred between Platinum and Prime?


Are there any plans to add further premium benefits?

The Premium Team is constantly working on ways to improve the premium benefits and have a number of exciting things in the works.

Type Ahead

Does the extra type ahead line apply to all the characters on my account?



If I put an Enhancive ability into something, will it work for someone else, or just me (is it attuned)?

The enhancive items are attuned per account, so it will work for any character on the same account.

What items can and can not be enhanced?

Most things can be enhanced. Right now the only strict prohibition is jewelry that works with the piercing system. Some fancy scripted combat items might not work either, but that would be on a case by case basis. Normal items, even if they have fluff scripts, work.

How long will my enhancive charges last?

There's no way to say for sure. All enhancives of a given level start out with the same number of charges, but the rate those charges dissipate is somewhat random. They've got a good number of charges, though, and won't crumble when they run out.

Are enhancives attuned?

Enhancives are attuned to the account that requests them.

Is there any way to add charges to an enhancive item?

Yes. The Adventurer's Guild and some merchants can add charges to your enhancive item.

Can you get a specific item enhanced more than once?

No, you must use a different item for each enhancive.

Is it possible to increase the bonus of an item you've already enhanced i.e. use your premium points twice to enhance a bonus from +7 to +14?


If you're wearing two enhancive items that provide a bonus to the same stat do they add up, or do you simply get the bonus of the higher enhancive?

They do, up to a certain max (+20 bonus for stats).

Since there's a max of +20 you can get for a stats bonus, is that the same for a skill bonus, how about for skill ranks, stat points themselves?

Stat points themselves are capped at the equivalent, that is, +40. When you get +10 to a stat, you get +5 to the stat bonus and vice versa.

Does using those fluff scripts, or opening and closing a container have a chance of using a charge from the item?

Unless the verb causes the item to move around or out of a player's inventory, verbs that interact with an item don't have the potential to use charges.


Does flaring armor use the same formula as flaring weapons?


Are flares added to armor via the Premium Point System offensive or reactive?

Actually, flares added to armor via the premium point system are both offensive AND reactive. They'll go off when something hits you and when you perform certain maneuvers on creatures.

Can spiked armor get reactive flares?


Can crit padded armor get reactive flares?

No, it's just like weapons. Either weighting OR flares.

Can spiked, crit padded armor get reactive flares?

No. See above.

Can shields get reactive flares?

Shield flares are offensive only.

Can spiked shields get reactive flares?

No. See above.


Do all enchantments have to be +5? Can I have a +2 enchant or +3 enchant added?

Current policy is that all enchants have to be in increments of 5.

What if my item has flares or special scripting? Does this change the cost?

Cost is (new enchant * 100). If the item has flares or special scripting add 1000 to the cost.

What if my item has padding or weighting?

If the item has padding or weighting, add (2 x level padding/weighting) to the cost.

Can DB items such as DB helms be enchanted?

No. TD items are also not enchantable. As well, resistant armor carries a surcharge as if it were +15 higher in enchant when calculating the cost.


What is the heaviest padding that can be achieved using Premium Points?

Rank 10 crit (heavy) padding is as high as can be achieved using Premium Points.

All these numbers! I'm bad at math. How can I determine the cost of adding padding or flares or an enchant to my item?

Just grab a scroll and type PCALC in game.

Special thanks to Lord Bacl and the premium members for their participation on the creation of this FAQ Guide.

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