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Premium Features

Upgrade your Experience!

For an extra $25.00 per month, you can have all these cool additions:

Private Homes!
Premium members who maintain their membership for 90 consecutive days are eligible to own a private home in one of GemStone IV's many player neighborhoods!

Buy furniture and pets! Decorate in one of billions of possible styles! Designate someone as your guest, allowing them to enter your home even while you're offline!

Fifteen Extra Characters!
Want to try something new? Eager to test that new spell we just released? Here's your chance to roleplay all the unique characters you've always wanted to create! Not one, not ten, but fifteen extra character slots to play with -- and all of them are eligible for Premium membership benefits!

More and Better Storage Space!
More Locker Space: As a GemStone IV Premium member, the locker capacity for all of your character slots is increased by 30 items. Plus, Premium members may access all lockers in all towns simulataneously (unless the locker is currently being moved by the Paspartu brothers).

Locker Inventory Shipping: Premium lockers can be swapped between two towns while the other towns remain accessible. For example, the Wehnimers locker can be swapped (shipped) with the Icemule locker. At the same time the lockers in the other 6 towns will be fully accessible.

Locker Inventory Organization: Premium lockers contain 5 furniture items which can be used to sort items. In addition to the 5 furniture items, the locker itself acts as a "sorting" mechanism. When you drop something into your locker it will be sorted and moved to the appropriate furniture item. Items placed in/on the furniture items will not be sorted. Don't be suprised when you type LOOK IN LOCKER and see nothing, as you'll find your belongings in or on the furniture items.

Type-Ahead Lines!
Tired of seeing "You can only type ahead one line"? As a Premium member, you get an additional type-ahead line, enabling you to type more commands into your buffer! For more type ahead lines, participate in our Long Term Incentives program.

Premium Merchants
Every month, Premium membership gives you access to special Premium-only merchants, many of which are scheduled in advance on our Premium Event Calendar!

Special Halls, Town and Services
Want a quiet place to relax or roleplay? Premium members have access to a special clubhouse in each of GemStone's major towns where they can chat, buy food, and more! They also have access to the Isle of Four Winds, a lovely island in the tropics with unique shopping, service merchants, long term Premium membership offerings and more.  Even getting there is fun, with the help of Four Winds Teleport Jewerly, available in every Four Winds Hall. Learn more about Premium Four Winds Halls and the Isle of Four Winds!

Advance Ticket Sales!
Unique quests, auctions of rare and fantastic items, gladiatorial combat, and GM-run merchants are the most popular and exciting events in GemStone IV.

Some of these events are free, and exclusively for our Premium customers. Others are available to anyone with purchase of a ticket for U.S. dollars -- but Premium customers always get the chance to sign up first!

Faster Customer Service!
We pride ourselves on our customer service! Simutronics offers the deepest customer support in the entire online gaming industry, with hundreds of Mentors, Hosts, GameMasters and Feedback staff on duty throughout the week to handle your questions and problems.

As a Premium member, you will gain access to faster assistance lines to reach a GameHost and faster referral lines to speak to a GameMaster. And letters sent to our Feedback department by Premium members are also routed to a special mailbox and answered first!

10% Discount on Event Tickets!
Interested in signing up for one of our quests? Want to attend SimuCon, our annual roleplaying convention? As a Premium customer, you will receive an automatic 10% discount on all event tickets. Buy enough goodies, and your Premium membership will pay for itself!

Long-Term Incentives
If you maintain a Premium subscription for one or more consecutive years, you become eligible for long-term incentives. Each year you may choose one benefit from the list, however most incentives require a minimum number of years before you may select them. Learn more about our incentives program.

In addition, after one year of Premium you may apply for membership in the Architectural & Landscaping Association of Elanthia! Design your own forests, dungeons, caverns and castles, build them with powerful magical tools, and attract creatures with bait to create your own hunting area!

Gameplay Improvements!

Daydream Premium members may use this command to indicate AFK status in an IC manner.
Befriend Premium members may befriend ten additional players!
Last Names Premium members who wish to reserve last names will receive a discount on fees.
ESP Premium members will have additional notification options as well as the ability to hide their own presence on ESP channels.
Player-Owned Shops Premium members who purchase shops may purchase an additional two rooms for their shop.


Premium memberships are offered as an addition to your basic subscription price. In order to take advantage of all of the bonuses offered under the Premium Membership package, you must have both a Basic subscription as well as the Premium subscription.

Only one character on any account may be in the game at the same time, so if you want to play more than one character at once, you will need an extra Basic account.


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