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Character Portrait Samples


Want to see what others have done with their portraits and the results from our affiliated art studios? Take a look at these samples from NuView Studio along with the descriptions that were submitted to the artists by the players! We've also got tips on how to get the best portrait for your character!

Thuunk Likerrock
Game: GemStone IV Prime
Gender: Male
Profession: Rogue
Race: Dwarf
Height (For This Race): average
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Unkempt, long
Eye Color: Dark
Complexion: Tanned

Unique or Special items: Thuunk wears a reinforced black alloy cap, a copper necklace (gnoll made), a faded shoulder pack (full of smooth stones), and a dark grey filching cloak, smokey grey leathers

Attitude or Demeanor: Thuunk is a highly disciplined and intelligent dwarf who spends the majority of his time in the gloomy moss lit abandoned gnoll cave system called Cavernhold. He generally will help any who have fallen prey to the traps of Cavernhold, unless, of course, they hold him responsible.

Thuunk claims to regularly trade smooth stones to the Great Gnoll, when in fact what he does is recover, and sometimes keep, items lost by fellow adventurers in Cavernhold. General attitude is commitment to a well thought out scheme to cover for how he comes by recovered items that the owners do not claim.

General appearance: Thuunk is generally unclean, due to the large amount of greenish oxidized copper dust that can be found in the mines. He is near fifty years of age (not too old in this game)

General build: Thuunk has average strength and build for a dwarf.

Distinguishing features: None really. He is most well known for his stories about trading smooth stones with the Great Gnoll. If possible, I'd like the picture to somehow reflect his general dusty appearance, and the story he tells of smooth stones. (In game he often shows folks his pack full of smooth stones)

Witcheaven Glantria
Game: GemStone IV Prime
Gender: Female
Profession: Sorceror
Race: Half-elf
Height (For This Race): tall
Hair Color: Silver
Hair Style: Short, braided
Eye Color: Dark
Complexion: Fair

Unique or Special Items: She is wearing a bloodspattered wrist-sheath, a silver-inlaid obsidian ring, some black fur-trimmed leathers, a scorched components satchel, some black silk pointy-toed slippers, a gold-trimmed xenium scabbard, a supple black leather bodice laced up the front with a slender silver chain, some saucy black leather pants, some pearlized death head beads, an enruned rolaren circlet, an attractive topaz heart pendant, a pair of black leather half-gloves, a hooded black silk cloak, and a black sash. some black fur-trimmed leathers: The supple black leather armor is crafted to fit closely to the body, their lines clean and designed to not only protect but to show a figure's contours as well. Around the shoulders, silkie puma fur is draped, the irregular edges trailing down across the chest. You also notice a small enchanter's mark. a fiery red vultite kris dagger: The blade of this dagger is forged from pure vultite and the graceful wave identifies it as a kris blade. The blade is edged in blood red krodera, and the hilt is forged of pure golvern wrapped in fine veniom wire. It is capped with the head of a dragon forged from fiery red krodera, it's gaping mouth spewing flames of pure golvern. Two dazzeling rubies adorn the eyes of the dragon. some pearlized death head beads: Each bead has been individually carved with small flames, licking around its surface. Two perfect moonstones, almost translucent in quality, frame a large central opal. Peering deeply into the stone you see the images of horribly disfigured beasts howling in terror as their forms are torn asunder by a greater force.

Attitude or Demeanor: I always perceive Witcheaven to be gazing at others with a calculating look in her eyes--one that is almost chaotic. Her personality is one that thrives in chaos. She is not evil, nor is she completely without stains on her soul. She loves to create chaos. She is also very moody, and can change her moods at quicksilver speed. One moment she can be your best friend, the next moment she can be removing your leg. She is a servant to a very powerful in-game family of dark elves so she is often covering her emotions in their presence.

Chutnee BornOdepression
Game: GemStone IV Prime
Gender: Female
Profession: Bard
Race: Sylvankind
Height (For This Race): average
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Very long
Eye Color: Multihued
Complexion: Lily white

General Appearance: Since I have always claimed sylvans live 8 centuries, Chutnee -- at about a half a century -- is very young. I picture her as about eighteen or nineteen. Her raven hair is extremely long, I picture it knee-length, and fully billowing everywhere. Her multihued eyes hold the secrets of her dark past. She has an intensity of look which holds and the onlooker entralled. High cheekbones sculpt her astonishing face, not so much beautiful as mesmerizing.

Distinguishing Features: She has an Ivas tattoo on her waist, just to the right of her navel. Her hair should be billowy, very black, very long and just downright noticeable. Her multihued eyes should flare with intelligence and daring.

Unique or Special Items: A braided crimson hair tie she wears across her forehead, not in any way to restrain her hair, an archer she wears a scarlet leather quiver on her back, a burnished gold leather quiver at her waist, and veniom thigh quivers. She wears fingerless black leather archery gloves, black diamond trimmed leathers and side-laced red leather leggings. A dragonfire ruby earring dangles from her right earlobe. And she is fond of gold and ruby jewelry, wearing a demon minature linked ruby bracelet on one arm, a heavy gold bangle set with rubies on the other, and a ruby and gold ankle bracelet. She also wears a ruby-stringed gold harp pin and an exquisite harp pendant, as well as a stylized emerald wisp talisman marking her as a follower of Ivas. The Ivas talisman is most important, as is the Ivas tattoo at her wiast (see appearance) depending on how far down the half-portraits shows (just to the chest to to the waist).

Attitude or Demeanor: Chutnee styles herself "the Bohemian Bardess" and is a free spirit in every sense of the word. A worshiper of the goddess Ivas, she has a natural sensuality which she cultivates to suit her beliefs. She is an "Ivas dancer" and knows how to move with a dancer's grace. The red and black leather she prefers to wear suits her to a tee.

General Build: She has a supple body which facilitates her archery skill, but it is yet a seductive body. I do picture her as having full breasts and a tiny waist, no matter how pat that sounds. I see her as about average height for a sylvan with that race's long, lithe legs.
Werlin Langustu
Game: GemStone IV Prime
Gender: Male
Profession: Empath
Race: Giantman
Height (For This Race): very tall
Hair Color: Silver
Hair Style: Short, curly
Eye Color: Violet
Complexion: Tanned

Unique or Special items: Werebear skin backpack, Blood-stained linen Empath's cloak, Ogre tooth necklace, Soaring Red Dragon Tattoo on his neck, a moon and stars tattoo on his left arm

Attitude or demeanor: "If it's broke, fix it, fer Voln's sake!"

General appearance: Scar-free at the time the portrait was taken

Want to see more examples? Check out the DragonRealms portrait samples!

Tips on Describing Your Character

Describe your vision of your character. Remember, the artists cannot see your vision and do not know your character. It is important that you describe your vision as best as you can for the most desirable results.

Stress what's important. If something is important to your vision of your character, make sure to mention it.

Be detailed. Make sure to describe anything that is important in as much detail as possible. The more information that you provide to the artist, the better the chance that the artist's depiction of your character will turn out the way that you want.

Use all the space. Take advantage of all the space made available to you.

Prioritize your inventory. List your inventory in order of importance of its inclusion in the portrait. List the most important first, and the least important last. The artists will do what they can to include all inventory items, but sometimes inventory does not translate realistically into an image due to space issues.

Know the rules. Read the portrait policies first. If you ask for something that is against policy, the process will be slowed dramatically.


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