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Character Portrait Guidelines and Policies


Character portraits must comply with Simutronics Terms and Conditions and Rules of Conduct.

Please keep the following policies in mind while you are filling out your character description form:

  1. The use of one player's name or likeness in another player's portrait will not be permitted.
  2. The use of blood or any other body fluids will not be permitted.
  3. Materials or items that are out of genre and/or do not exist in the game will not be permitted in character portraits. Real world symbols will not be permitted unless commonly used in the game's genre (i.e. a peace symbol would not be permissible for a DragonRealms portrait but would be fine in Hercules and Xena: Alliance of Heroes.)
  4. Creatures which do not exist in the game but are referenced in the game may only appear as illustrations on items. (For example, you may choose to have a dragon illustrated on your shield, but may not have a pet dragon, or a dragon-bone weapon.)
  5. Magical properties not associated with spells in the game will not be included in character portraits.
  6. Real life slogans, advertisements, slang or cultural sayings will not be included in character portraits.
  7. The use of materials used in items must make sense or they will not be included in the character portrait (i.e. a dagger made out of cheese would melt and grow moldy, and thus would not be usable in a character portrait.)
  8. Any races that are not in the game or mutations of the current races will not be permitted in character portraits.
  9. The focus of the image should not be sexual in nature. (I.E. no nudity, implied nudity, or lingerie.)
  10. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, US mail addresses, or web site addresses will not be included in character portraits.
  11. Only one character will be drawn in each picture. Pictures of couples are not possible.
  12. All portraits must match the buyer's character's image.
  13. The landscape, if any, should not be in a specific definable location of the game. It should only be symbolic in nature.


  1. Portraits must be created by artists Simutronics provides. (No player submissions will be accepted.)
  2. There will be no refunds.
  3. Artists will interpret a player's request to the best of their ability.
  4. Artists will attempt to draw all the inventory that has been requested, however, due to space issues they may not be able to include all items.
  5. Changes will be made to the portraits only in the case of artist error as determined by the artists and Simutronics Corporation. No changes will be made based on a player's failure to accurately communicate what they want. Players should make sure to detail carefully anything that is important for interpretation of their character.
  6. Portraits will take at least 4 weeks for delivery. Check the "event date" on the ticket that you purchase to see the approximate delivery date.
  7. At this time players will only be able to purchase portraits for their own characters. (The Gift of Adventure is available for anyone who wishes to fund the purchase of a portrait for a friend.)
  8. Character portraits are representations of a character by the artists. Items, abilities, or features drawn or implied in the portraits do not grant or constitute approval for said items, abilities, or features within the game.
  9. Simutronics Corporation reserves the right to refuse the creation or display of any portrait or portion thereof based on policies not specifically included in the above restrictions. Please be aware that Simutronics will enforce the spirit of, rather than the letter of, the above policies.


Simutronics Corporation

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