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Simutronics Game Launcher Download
For Windows 3.1

The Simutronics game launcher program lets you launch the Wizard Front End from our website and updates automatically when new versions of the software are available! Once you have downloaded and installed this application, all other game downloads and version updates will be handled automatically every time you go to play a Simutronics game.

Download and Install

Please Note: If you are using anything from Win 95 onward you need to download the Windows 95+ Launcher instead!

Important! After this download, you must close your browser before installing the software. Failure to do so may cause errors when trying to use the Wizard Front End.

Download the launcher for Windows 3.1 by clicking here: DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 3.1 LAUNCHER.
You will receive a dialogue similar to this one:

Sample of Download Window

Follow these directions:

  1. You should see a Save As... dialog box. Choose a directory to save the file in by double clicking one of the folders shown under "Directories:". The install program will be saved into that directory. We suggest choosing C:\ (the root directory) so you can easily locate the install program after the download has completed.
  2. Click the OK button. The application will be downloaded to your hard disk.
  3. Important! Once the download is complete, exit Netscape (this is required!).
  4. From the Program Manager, choose File menu then the Run menu item. Type in C:\LNCHIN16.EXE which is the name of the install application. Press OK and the installation will begin. After you are finished, you may restart your browser and log back onto the Simutronics Games web site.
  5. After logging in, click PLAY to begin playing!
After you've restarted your browser, go play at!

Information for Netscape "Unknown Application" Errors

There is a known bug with some versions of Netscape where the launcher does not register itself with the browser when the launcher is installed. You will see an error message mentioning an "unknown application type." To fix this error, follow the instructions below:

  1. On the menu bar of the browser, select OPTIONS.
  3. Select the tab for HELPERS.
  4. Click on the button CREATE NEW TYPES.
  5. For MIME TYPE, type in the word application
  6. For MIME SUBTYPE, type in the following, x-simutronics-auto-launch.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Ensure the the helper you just added is highlighted in the upper portion of the HELPER tab. (click on it to highlight)
  9. In the lower portion of the tab, click on the white dot next to "Launch the Application."
  10. Below that, click on the BROWSE button and locate the application. The launcher application is named Launcher.exe if you are using Windows 95 and Launch16.exe if you are using Windows 3.1. It should be located in the Simu directory, though it may be elsewhere depending on where you chose to download it to. When you have found the launcher, highlight it and click OPEN.
  11. Click OK on the HELPER tab.

Simutronics Corporation

Go Play!