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Platinum Guide
A Guide to Our World
Written by the GemStone Platinum Community

GemStone IV Platinum is a magical place, free of the throngs and masses of GemStone Prime. Over the years we have formed a very close community, which we would like you to become fully a part of. In order to help you on this journey, we've compiled this small tome of advice, to better welcome you to the community.

Platinum is a unique opportunity to forge new history. While you may see familiar names from Prime, bear in mind that they may not be the same 'person' you knew from Prime, or have participated in the same historical events as Prime. A good example of this would be the Feithidmor event -- Platinum has its own separate set of heroes. It is extremely important to remember that what characters have done in Prime has no bearing and indeed never happened in the world of Platinum. Our player history is unique.

The Character is the Thing!

We are very heavily role-play oriented. It is not unusual to see someone spend hours at the small park in the Landing, and do nothing but role-play. Knowing who your character is, and staying true to that character is a sure fire way to be welcomed with opened arms.

The best way to do this is to take the time to work out beforehand who your character is, where they are from, and what they want out of their lives in Elanthia. What is their favorite color, food, or memory? What events in their lives shaped who they are today? A well thought out background history can really make a marked difference in how your character will interact with others. However, if you cannot fathom coming up with every little detail, that is okay too! Having a general idea of things is the first step and the other things can always develop over time through interaction with others. If you care to share your character's background with others, we welcome you to post it to the character backgrounds sections of the Platinum forum boards.

Gathering Spots

With a smaller community, Platinum tends to have a centralized gathering spot in one of two places. This is obviously, not a hard and fast rule, however, gathering spots tend to be:

Wehnimer's Landing Small Park
Icemule Trace TSC
Ta'Vaalor Amaranth Court
River's Rest The Commons
Ta'Illistim The Hanging Gardens


Be sure to the check the forums. We use the forums to disseminate event information, and discuss other relevant Platinum issues. With our small community, the forums are much easier to read and use, and are oftentimes quite humorous. Familiarize yourself with the topics, then come and introduce yourself.

Slang in Platinum

Numbers, stats discussion and the like are extremely out of place here, as are abbreviations like LOL, AFK, TTM, :). OOCism is highly frowned upon in Platinum, but the benefits to the level of role-play here is an astounding amount of fun and storytelling. Also keep this in mind when choosing a name. Obviously OOC or OOG names are only disruptive to the roleplaying enviroment in GemStone Platinum.

Droppage, Item Loss, and You

While the concept of dropping what is in your hands on death, and losing all of your items to decay is a heady one, rest assured that the players of Platinum do all within their power to prevent such from happening.

A few ways to safeguard yourself against decay loss are to always let someone know where you hunt. Tell people at the park, announce it on the amunet! That way the rest of the players *know* where to go and look for you. Please remember to hunt within your own abilities! Rescuers tend to get a bit frustrated if they have to repeatedly save someone who is clearly hunting above their abilities. Try and find groups to hunt and role-play with, that is, after all, why we are here.

Please be prepared to wait awhile when you die as well. There are very few foggers, and the usual means of rescue is a drag. It is not unusual for there to be no clerics and empaths available, so be willing to be dragged to the High Holy and or Miracle Workers. Also, for ease of replacement of items lost if applicable, please register all items of value! It is easy to do and costs nothing!

The Amunet and You

The Amunet here in Platinum is global, you can speak to all towns from and often this serves as a good means for us all to keep track of one another. Merchanting upon the amunet is not as frowned upon as it once was, but please keep your sales to the merchant channel and make the effort to role-play your transactions and sales pitches. Please also be respectful and do not "spam" the merchant channel with thought after thought of the same sale. Please do not get on the general amunet channel and start merchanting, or you may not find a good reception in reponse. One of our biggest differences here in Platinum is that most adventurers are more than willing to trade/barter and even lend/give equipment to other players rather than sell it. We do not have the same silvers market in Platinum that you will find in Prime, either. As a side note always be sure to check containers such as the benches and bins around the lands, as quite often things will be left in them for other adventurers to take.

Services, services, who's got the services?

Being self-sufficient is a major key to enjoying yourself in Platinum. Due to our small population, we do not have an army of high-level spell casters, several clerics and empaths available at the gathering spots, nor a handful of locksmiths to occupy the local “picking” spots. This does not mean that services are impossible to find, however, it does mean you should never count on them to survive. If you approach Platinum with an attitude of self-sufficiency, you should do well. Feel free to ask on the amunet for a talented locksmith or a local healer in the area, but just in case there are none who respond, don’t forget that there are NPCs in almost every town that offer the services that are essential to adventuring, including healers, locksmiths and clerics. There are also benches and containers around the lands that are stocked by players to help with adventuring needs, but please be respectful and don’t take more than you have to. Replenishing these areas when you can will also help a great deal towards involving yourself with the community.

Platinum is a Respect Your Neighbors Zone

Over the years, we have become a tight knit family here. That's not to say like every family we do not have our disagreements from time to time. The easiest way to become a member of the family is to show others the same type of respect you, yourself would like to receive as a person. Please be mindful of others when healing, rescuing, or picking boxes as these are services that can sometimes not have many customers at the same time so work is occasionally scarce. If you see others of your profession in the area already, a polite question in guildspeak or through whispers as to their status with the patient (or client with a locksmith) can go a long way towards respecting one another. Respect towards others in their gaming environment is also important, such as policing your garbage and throwing all empty containers, left over crafting components (arrow shafts, etc) in the trash cans/barrels around town. No one likes to be wading through mounds of junk as they walk about town. Extra unwanted amulets, wands, scrolls, fluff and other small items may be left on the benches and in various containers provided around the town for other adventurers to use, if you don't have need of them. That being said, please also keep in mind that the town bench is used by the majority of the population for several different reasons. It won’t be uncommon to see it loaded down with magical items, healing components, clothing and containers, and even low level equipment. It is there for everyone to use and is intended to be a helpful tool, so please try to replace what you can in an effort to be respectful of its purpose. Likewise, please do not take things from the benches and sell them for profit. This is contradictory to the purpose of the benches and is frowned upon.

Most of all don't be afraid to ask questions!

The boards are always a good source of information, and other players are usually more than happy to answer any questions new players may have.

On behalf of the GemStone Platinum Community
Edited by Lady Rayvynne

The GemStone IV Platinum package, offered at $49.95 per month, allows the serious roleplayer a smaller, close-knit community in which to enjoy the original spirit of GemStone IV.

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