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Something New Every Week!

What's so hot about GemStone IV's Hot Summer Nights? How about amazing parties, fabulous new roleplaying opportunities, system and profession-related releases, and area expansions? GemStone IV is turning up the HEAT all summer long!

Every week
between Thursday and Saturday, GemStone IV will bring you amazing game enhancements.

New Roleplaying Opportunities:
Fabulous new tools for roleplaying your character.

Cultural Group Selection
Character Background Statistics System
Character Age Update
New Post-Titles
Roleplaying commands
Physical Feature System Update
Over a Dozen New Historical Docs (Races, Gods, & more!)

System & Profession-related Releases:
New profession or game-play features.

Moons and Stars System
New Stealing System
Profession-specific Spell Preparation Messaging
New Foraging and Herb System
Improvements to every Profession!

New Area Expansions:
Updates to town systems, extended hunting opportunities.

Zul Logoth (Registrar, New Hunting and more!)
Wehnimer's Landing Improvements
Solhaven Expansion
Ta'Illistim / Ta'Vaalor (Registrar, Shops, New Services, New Hunting and more!)
River's Rest Improvements
Teras Isle (New Shops, Services, and more!)
Icemule Trace (New Shops, Services, and more!)


When Do We Turn Up the Heat?

GemStone IV: Hot Summer Nights starts May 30th and lasts for 15 weeks! ALL SUMMER LONG! We will be skipping the weekend of June 6 - 10th, as most staff will be at SimuCon.



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