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Overview - Game Features - Interface Features


Intuitive, Compelling, Customizable, Eye-catching

StormFront's primary goal is to reduce the complexity often associated with text-games, and modernize text-gaming in general. Several features in the front end promote this:

  • An intuitive and compelling command entry mechanism;
  • Structured, but easily customizable information displays;
  • Eye-catching graphics.


Recognizable, Easy and Rewarding

StormFront’s point-and-click and drag-and-drop mechanics provide players with a recognizable interface for interacting with our text game environments. Furthermore, clicking on a link and successfully interacting with the game is a rewarding experience that prompts the prospect towards further exploration.



Improved Inventory and Information Management

StormFront also has many other improvements over other text-game clients in the area of displaying game data, which include:

  • Auto-updating inventory windows;
  • Dynamic dialog mechanics;
  • Auto-collapsing windows;
  • Panel management tools.

All of these speak to the needs of users who must manage large amounts of information generated by text-based games.



Graphical Controls For Character Management

The Graphical Character Manager creates an opportunity for visual interaction with your character. Designing what your character will look like, reading about its racial history and culture, and managing skills are all available in one easy-to-use, attractive format.

At any time, you can manipulate your character's skills using the Skills Manager. This program lets each player customize their character's skills, to be changed at the click of the mouse, allowing for greater flexibility in character training and growth.




What's New!
Intuitive, Compelling, Customizable, Eye-catching
Point and Click:
Recognizable, Easy and Rewarding
Game Management:
Improved Inventory and Information Management
Character Management:
Graphical Controls For Character Management
New Races:
Aelotoi, Burghal Gnomes, Forest Gnomes, Half-Krolvin, and Erithians
New Skills:
Dodging, Lores, Harness Power, Mana Control, and Survival
New Justice System:
More fair, more fun, more robust. Read more!
Improved Character Development:
Changes to training, TPs, skills, stats, requisites, and more!
Improved Combat:
Passive defenses, weapon, armor and shield adjustments, staves and more!
New Commands:
Mock, Praise, Goals, Limp, Crawl, Skip, Daydream, and more!
New History :
Eleven new documents about the world and people of Elanthia
New Spells:
Fifteen new spells for the magical professions
Improved Spells:
Added functionality, upgrades and other spell modifications
Lores and Spells:
Lore skills now grant bonuses to the effectiveness of all spells.
Miscellaneous New Features:
New User Quests, Meeting Halls, Ability Bonus System and more!

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