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Overview - Game Features - Interface Features

GemStone IV: Role-playing Reinvented
With GemStone's new Wrayth graphical user interface, text becomes interactive and as simple as point and click. No more groping about in the dark for short swords and wondering where that next door is. Simutronics takes the best aspects of today’s technology; such as XML, and combines them with the most powerful form of communication; the written word. We call it “interactive text”, and we think it's going to change the way people perceive text-based games.

Personal Connections, Deeper Experiences
In terms of interaction with your friends and depth of experience, nothing can match the power of a text-based game. That’s right, we said text-based. And we mean it. Graphical RPGs and MMORPGs can provide a lot of eye-candy and many hours of entertainment, but nothing can match the social rewards of a text-based role-playing game. After all, looking back on all those memories, what was the most compelling reason to play? If you said the ability to kick back and hang out with a group of friends, you’re right.

GemStone IV goes even further, with live GameMasters that actually run role-playing sessions, create spectacular events, and promote an active online community. While “interactive facilitation” is a new idea in the MMORPG business, Simutronics has mastered it for over a decade. Add to that a robust and ever-expanding combat system, over 25,000 rich and complex locations to explore, and an extensive and thorough world history to rival that of some of the property-licensed titles, and you’ve got the makings of something great.

The bottomline: If you're not just looking for a good role-playing game, but a great role-playing experience, then GemStone IV has something for you.

This is the game for those still searching for the ultimate RPG.

GemStone IV: Role-playing Reinvented




What's New!
Intuitive, Compelling, Customizable, Eye-catching
Point and Click:
Recognizable, Easy and Rewarding
Game Management:
Improved Inventory and Information Management
Character Management:
Graphical Controls For Character Management
New Races:
Aelotoi, Burghal Gnomes, Forest Gnomes, Half-Krolvin, and Erithians
New Skills:
Dodging, Lores, Harness Power, Mana Control, and Survival
New Justice System:
More fair, more fun, more robust. Read more!
Improved Character Development:
Changes to training, TPs, skills, stats, requisites, and more!
Improved Combat:
Passive defenses, weapon, armor and shield adjustments, staves and more!
New Commands:
Mock, Praise, Goals, Limp, Crawl, Skip, Daydream, and more!
New History :
Eleven new documents about the world and people of Elanthia
New Spells:
Fifteen new spells for the magical professions
Improved Spells:
Added functionality, upgrades and other spell modifications
Lores and Spells:
Lore skills now grant bonuses to the effectiveness of all spells.
Miscellaneous New Features:
New User Quests, Meeting Halls, Ability Bonus System and more!

Simutronics Corporation

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