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Overview - Game Features - Interface Features

GemStone IV is the next generation of GemStone III. It is a direct expansion of the current game, with great new features for current players and new players alike. New technologies developed for GemStone IV will make the game easier to learn and to play. Additionally, hundreds of new features will makes this the most significant upgrade of GemStone since the launch of the original GemStone III.

New Races
Aelotoi   Newly arrived in Elanthia from a home where they served as a slave race, the Aelotoi are flightless, winged humanoids.
Burghal Gnomes   Excellent scavengers, and often thieves, burghal gnomes take great delight in the art of tinkering.
Forest Gnomes   Forest gnomes live deep within Elanthia's forests and feel most at home among thickets, rivers, and streams.
Half-Krolvin   The half-breed progeny of fierce Krolvin and their human victims, Half-Krolvin make mighty warriors.
Erithians   Erithians pride themselves on their mastery of all knowledge. Shrouded in mysticism, the their origin is unknown and frequently debated.

New Skills
Dodging   Deflect and avoid blows with greater effectiveness.
Elemental Lores, Fire   Become more adept in the use of fire magic.
Elemental Lores, Earth   Become more adept in the use of earth magic.
Elemental Lores, Water   Become more adept in the use of water magic.
Elemental Lores, Air   Become more adept in the use of air magic.
Harness Power   Become more capable of tapping into the mana weave that infuses Elanthia.
Mana Control, Elemental   Manipulate elemental mana with more effectiveness.
Mana Control, Spiritual   Manipulate spiritual mana with more effectiveness.
Mana Control, Mental   Manipulate mental mana with more effectiveness.
Mental Lore, Telepathy   Become more adept in the use of thought and emotion-effectng spells.
Mental Lore, Divination   Become more adept in the use of spells that provide knowledge.
Mental Lore, Transference   Become more adept in displacement, teleportation and supernatural travel.
Mental Lore, Transformation   Become more adept in transformation of your physical condition.
Mental Lore, Manipulation   Become more adept in the manipulation of matter.
Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy   Become more adept in the use of necromatic skills and magic.
Sorcerous Lore, Demonology   Become more adept in the use of skills and magic involving the demonic realms.
Spiritual Lore, Religion   Become more adept in channeling the spiritual power from your patron deity.
Spiritual Lore, Blessings   Harness the favor of the lesser and greater spirits.
Spiritual Lore, Spirit Summoning   Become more adept in the summoning rites of lesser and greater spirits.
Survival   Become more effective in wilderness survival: skinning, foraging, fire building, etc.

New Justice System
Time Limit Improvements   Time limits are no longer limited to "real time." Instead, they are "game time" - reducing potential damage from untimely disconnects.
Town Dependant Processes   Each town will have its own judicial processes and punishments fitting to the design and character of that town.
First In First Out   Rather than randomly select criminals to see the judge, criminals will be seen in order of arrival.
Community Service   Rather than pay a fine, criminals will have the option to accept community service.
Incarceration   Criminals will have the option to accept incarceration (or stocks) as an alternative to paying a fine.
Item Sales and Collection   If a criminal does not pay thier fine in time, only as much inventory as is necessary to pay the fine will be sold.
Banishment   Criminals that build significant and serious criminal histories may be banished from a town.
Accusations   Players may accuse other players for assault. Additionally, players may cancel their accusations while the criminal has not yet been judged.
Service Refusal   Merchants may refuse service to known criminals.

Improved Character Development

Character Training   Players may tweak skills to remove possible mistakes in past trainings, as well as take advantage of newly released systems.
New Racial Bonuses   Racial bonuses were re-evaluated to further fall in-line with more recent concepts of the existing races.
New Stats   Stat names were re-evaluated to better reflect what the stats actually do.
New Skill Costs   Skill costs for all professions were revised to reflect the new skills available, changes in game mechanics, and changes in level progression.
Training Points & Stat Growth   Each character is now given 640 points to allocate among their starting attributes, with their prime requisites getting an additional +10 each.
New Prime Requisites   Prime Stat Requisites for each profession were updated to fall further in line with professional concepts.
Revised Mana Recovery   The new Mana Control skill increases the base rate at which characters recover mana.
Death Recovery Points   Character death incurs death recovery points which must be paid off with experience.
New Level Designation System   Levels above 20 continue to require more experience before they may be earned. All character levels were compressed within the 0-100 level range.
Experience Enhancer Changes   Experience absorption enhancers were replaced with alternate benefits, such as increased health, mana, and/or spirit recovery.
Interlevel Skill Advancement   Characters may train in skills throughout their level rather than all at the end.
Extended Skill Gain   Characters who reach the level cap (100), may continue to earn TPs and train in skills up to each individual skill cap.

Improved Combat
Evade, Block, Parry   These three passive defenses, each take place before the AS/DS check.
Armor Revisions   Armor hindrance was changed to reflect the 100-level cap.
Spell Adjustments   Various adjustments were made to spells in cooperation with combat adjustments.
Shield Adjustments   Four new shield types have been introduced: Small, Medium (standard), Large, and Tower/Wall Shields.
Critical Revisions   Criticals become less dependant upon weapon Damage Factors.
Stance Revisions   Stances are more useful in combat.
Ambush Revisions   Ambush can reduce a target's stance, but with less lethality.
Improvements to Lighter Weapons   Lighter weapons become more appealing with faster RoundTimes.
Rune Staves   Magic Users are no longer required to learn sword and shield with the introduction of Rune Staves.
Katanas and Oriental Weapons   With the introduction of Erithians, oriental weapons and other items have entered the world of Elanthia.
Combat Maneuvers List   Seven new maneuvers are available for adventurers who train in the combat maneuver's skill.

New Commands
Demeanor Improvements   The DEMEANOR verb was expanded to include more commands.
Befriend Improvements   More slots were added. Additionally, you can see the location of your friends if they have a friendly or neutral demeanor toward you.
DAYDREAM   Tell others you are going AFK instead of saying, "Sleeping". Premium members will be shown in a daydreaming state.
MOCK   Over 1,000 combinations of ways to mock your friends and enemies alike!
PROFILE   All characters within the game now have profiles to facilitate roleplay and meeting others.
GOALS   This new command launches the graphical skill manager.
RUNE   This command lists common runes on runestones, as well as runes you have learned.
ATTUNE   This command allows Wizards to attune to a specific type of elemental.
EMPTY   This command allows you to empty the entire contents of one container into another.
MOVEMENT   This command allows you to set your default movement type.
IMITATE   Imitate items, animal noises or the features and speech of other characters.
Ventriloquism   Throw your voice with this new addition to the SAY command.
Movement Commands   LIMP, CRAWL, SKIP
New Roleplaying Commands   PRAISE, BELCH, CLUTCH, REST
Improved Roleplaying Commands   GLANCE, SHAKE, SWAP, POINT, SAY

New History Documents
Recognizing Elven Crests, A Layman's Guide to Elven Heraldry   How do the elven houses, families and couriers distinguish themselves? Heraldry, House Colors, and Crests.
Updated "Timeline of Elanthian History"   With the arrival of five new races, come additional important dates to add to the timeline.
A Study of the Erithi   Learn more about the history of one of the most ellusive races in Elanthian history.
Erithian Cultures   The Erithian Society is divided into six distinct "Dai". Learn more!
The History of Aelotoi, The Legend of L'Naere, The Kiramon   Learn more about the newly freed slave race and how they became subjugated in the first place.
Aelotoi Cultures   The Aelotoi Society is divided into three distinct clans. Learn more!
The History of Gnomes   Forest gnomes, country-dwelling fighters; Burghal gnomes, city-dwelling tinkerers.
Burghal Gnome Cultures   Burghal Gnome Society is divided into six distinct bloodlines. Learn more!
Forest Gnome Cultures   Forest Gnome Society is divided into six distinct bloodlines. Learn more!
Concerning Half-Krolvin   There is much to learn about the half-krolvin, who began as a cruel experiment carried on in order to build a fierce army.
Half-Krolvin Cultures   Half-Krolvin society is divided into five distinct "klinasts". Learn more!

New Spells
119: "Spirit Dispel"   Dispel a targets prepared spell, or a currently running spell.
1035: "Song of Tonis"   All members of your party are granted additional speed and increased chances of dodging.
1106: "Bone Shatter"   Shatter the bones of your target, potentially killing it.
1117: "Empathic Link"   Create an empathic link between two targeted opponents. Damage dealt to one is dealt to the other.
1118: "Herb Production"   Cause a random herb to grow instantly on the ground.
218: "Spirit Servant"   Creature a spiritual creature that occompanies you and provides assistance in many areas.
325: "Holy Receptacle"   Infuse holy magic into gems that may bestow powers on those the deities deem worthy.
510: "Hurl Boulder"   Shoot a small boulder with a devestating force into your opponent from the palm of your hand.
512: "Ice Patch"   Create a large patch of slippery ice to trip up opponents.
519: "Immolation"   Release incredible destruction by fire upon your opponent.
520: "Stone Skin"   Form a layer of hard stone encased about your body to absorb damage dealt by your opponent.
620: "Resist Nature"   Infuse organic armors with resistances to weeds, spikethorns, and the elements.
640: "Wall of Thorns"   Create a wall of living thorns around yourself as protection against incoming attacks.
714: "Scroll Infusion"   Utilize magical artifacts to fully unlock the magic found within scrolls.
725: "Minor Summoning"   Summon chaotic creatures from demonic planes to do your bidding.
914: "Sandstorm"   Summon a sandstorm that damages your opponent until it dissipates or your opponent is dead.

Improved Spells
140: "Wall of Force"   This spell was moved to the 140 slot from the 150 slot.
1106 and 1109   The functionality of these two spells were combined.
1140: "Empathic Dispel"   This spell was moved to the 1140 slot from the 1150 slot.
208: "Living Rune"   This spell takes Arcane Symbols training into account. As you steal more spells, it will be harder to steal others.
319: "Divine Wrath"   This spell now takes into account the cleric's chosen deity.
340: "Resurrect"   This spell was moved to the 340 slot from the 350 slot.
610 and 620   The functionality of these two spells were combined.
707: "Eye Spy"   The eyeball may now look in, on, under and behind items, it may read and inspect items, and more.
708: "Limb Disruption"   When legs are broken, targets will now fall down.
712: "Cloak of Shadows"   In addition to defending you, this spell additionally has a retribution affect against those who harm you.

Lores and Spells
110: "Unbalance"   The power of the attack is enhanced by Spiritual Lore, Spirit Summoningl.
111: "Fire Spirit"   The spell's damage is increased by Spiritual Lore, Spirit Summoning.
120: "Lesser Shroud"   Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings allows this spell to be cast upon others.
125: "Call Lightening"   The speed of attack is enhanced by Spiritual Lore, Spirit Summoning.
1002: "Vibration Chant"   The chance of breaking a target's weapon/shield is increased by Mental Lore, Manipulation.
1004: "Song of Purification"   The chance of successfully purifying a gem is increased by Mental Lore, Manipulation
1007: "Kai's Song"   The caster's group with have an increased AS bonus with Mental Lore, Telepathy.
1009, 1012, and 1014   The durability of sonic items will be increased by Elemental Lore, Air.
1009: "Sonic Shield"   The shield's hindrance will be reduced by Elemental Lore, Air.
1014: "Sonic Armor"   The elemental damage resistance provided by the armor will be increased by Elemental Lore, Air.
1015: "Song of Depression"   The TD pushdown from the song with be boosted by Mental Lore, Telepathy.
1016: "Song of Rage"   The effectiveness of the song is increased by training in Mental Lore, Telepathy.
1030: "Song of Disruption"   Mental Lore, Manipulation will allow the singer more versatility with this song.
1035: "Song of Tonis"   Mental Lore, Telepathy will increase the haste affect and dodge beneft to your party.
Wound and Scar Spells   The roundtime for healing is decreased by Mental Lore, Transformation.
1106: "Bone Shatter"   The power of the attack is increased by Mental Lore, Manipulation.
1108: "Empathy"   The power of the attack is increased by Mental Lore, Telepathy.
1116: "Cry for Help"   Mental Lore, Divination will allow the target a great chance to view the caster for a longer duration.
1117: "Empathic Link"   The number of targets is increased by Mental Lore, Telepathy.
203: "Manna Bread"   The amount of mana restored is increased by Spiritual Lore, Blessings.
210: "Silence"   The duration of the silence is increased by Spiritual Lore, Spirit Summoning.
211: "Bravery"   Spiritual Lore, Blessings enables this spell to be cast upon others.
215: "Heroism"   Spiritual Lore, Blessings enables this spell to be cast upon others.
218: "Spirit Servant"   The duration of the servant is increased by Spritual Lore, Spirit Summoning.
219: "Spell Shield"   Spiritual Lore, Blessings enables this spell to be cast upon others.
302: "Smite/Bane"   The rate of mana infusions is controled by Spiritual Lore, Religion.
303: "Prayer of Protection"   Spiritual Lore, Blessings enables this spell to be cast upon others.
304: "Holy Blade"   The number of swings a blade can be imbued with is increased with Spiritual Lore, Blessings.
305: "Preservation"   The duration is increased with Spiritual Lore, Religion.
306: "Holy Bolt"   The damage on undead creatures in increased with Spiritual Lore, Religion.
311: "Blind"   Spiritual Lore, Religion increased the duration of this spell and the chance the target will be forced to kneeling.
325: "Holy Receptacle"   The failure rate of blessing a spell into a gem is decreased by Spiritual Lore, Blessings.
400s: Minor Elemental Spell Circle   Elemental Lores (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) allow a character to become attuned to an element for use in these spells.
504: "Slow"   The target's Roundtime will be increased by Elemental Lore, Air.
506: "Haste"   The target's Rounttime will be decreased by Elemental Lore, Air.
509: "Strength"   The Attack Strength bonus provided by this spell is increased by Elemental Lore, Earth.
510: "Hurl Boulder"   The damage of this spell will be increased by Elemental Lore, Earth.
512: "Ice Patch"   The duration and effectiveness of the ice patch will be increased by Elemental Lore, Water.
519: "Immolation"   The effectiveness of the fire will be enhanced by Elemental Lore, Fire.
520: "Stone Skin"   The amount of damage that can be absorbed is increased by Elemental Lore, Earth.
620: "Resist Nature"   The effects of this spell are enhanced by Elemental Lores and Spiritual Lore, Blessings.
701: "Blood Burst"   Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy makes it possible for this spell to take the drained health from the target and give it to the caster.
708: "Limb Disruption"   Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy adds the possibility of the limbs animating.
711: "Pain Infliction"   The pain of this spell is increased by Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy.
712: "Cloak of Shadows"   The effectiveness of this spell is increased by Sorcerous Lore, Demonology.
716: "Disease"   More viscious diseases are caused by Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy.
718: "Torment"   Sorcerous Lore, Demonology will increase the control of the caster over this demonic force.
725: "Minor Summoning"   Sorcerous Lore, Demonology will allow the Sorcerer to have better command of the demons he summons.
901: "Minor Shock"   The damage of this spell is increased by Elemental Lore, Air and Water.
903: "Minor Water"   The damage of this spell is increased by Elemental Lore, Water.
906: "Minor Fire"   The damage of this spell is increased by Elemental Lore, Fire.
907: "Major Cold"   The damage of this spell is increased by Elemental Lore, Water.
908: "Major Fire"   The damage of this spell is increased by Elemental Lore, Fire.
910: "Major Shock"   The damage of this spell is increased by Elemental Lore, Air and Water.
914: "Sand Storm"   The duration of the storm and the rate of damage is increased by Elemental Lore, Air.
917: "Boil Earth"   Elemental Lore, Earth increases the number of additional targets.

Miscellaneous New Features
New User Quests   All new characters have the opportunity to join in five new quests when they first begin their adventures.
Food & Drink Improvements   Food and drink now allow for greater variety and customization in taste, as well as racial or cultural food preferences.
Meeting Hall System   Left out in the rain no longer! Unofficial organizations may now rent their own meeting halls and have access to event services.
Ability Bonus System   This system provides the ability to directly affect a character’s stats, skills and/or spell knowledge.
Level Designation System   As experience requirements have been changed to gradually increase per level, a new level designation system is now in affect.
Teleportation Revisions   All the teleportation systems of the world: songs, spells, items and other mechanics, are now more robust.
Age   All variety of elves will once again live very long lives.
Culture   Half-elves, lacking in culture as they are, will no longer be noted as "Pariah" in title.
Language   Dark Elves, Sylvans and Half-Elves will once again have access to the Elven language.
New Spell Slots   The level 30, 35, and 40 spell slots were opened up on all lists to be filled in the future.
New Bug Tracking   A new, more robust, behind the scenes bug tracking system improves response time on fixes.
Rogue Lock Mastery   A series of skills centered on the locksmithing profession.
New Stealing System   "Borrowing" from others just got a lot more interesting!
Citizenship   Citizenship in a town offers benefits.










What's New!
Intuitive, Compelling, Customizable, Eye-catching
Point and Click:
Recognizable, Easy and Rewarding
Game Management:
Improved Inventory and Information Management
Character Management:
Graphical Controls For Character Management
New Races:
Aelotoi, Burghal Gnomes, Forest Gnomes, Half-Krolvin, and Erithians
New Skills:
Dodging, Lores, Harness Power, Mana Control, and Survival
New Justice System:
More fair, more fun, more robust. Read more!
Improved Character Development:
Changes to training, TPs, skills, stats, requisites, and more!
Improved Combat:
Passive defenses, weapon, armor and shield adjustments, staves and more!
New Commands:
Mock, Praise, Goals, Limp, Crawl, Skip, Daydream, and more!
New History :
Eleven new documents about the world and people of Elanthia
New Spells:
Fifteen new spells for the magical professions
Improved Spells:
Added functionality, upgrades and other spell modifications
Lores and Spells:
Lore skills now grant bonuses to the effectiveness of all spells.
Miscellaneous New Features:
New User Quests, Meeting Halls, Ability Bonus System and more!

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