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From the journal of Felburr, the Dwarven Guard:

Eorgaen 1st

Found dis journal on a barstool. Wife sez I got to write better, and she's got the rollin pin so here it iz.

Eorgaen 3rd

Had a bunch of ale. Fell off me stool when that durn volcano shook the ground. Bumped me head but gotta free ale outta it. Dat's guid.

Eorgaen 4th

Had some more ale. Avoided rollin pin by showin her diz journal. Life is guid.

Eorgaen 7th

Had some ale, den a bunch of fiery things showed up. Dat wasn't guid. Buncha them foreigners died, so I jest hid out and had me some ale and watched tings. Best ter just write in dis ting cuz right now them critters is makin' the rollin pin look piddlier than an elflin in pink bows. Lots o them foreigners helped out so I figgered I best just stay here, tings left when the rain came.

Eorgaen ~

More fiery tings comin. Buncha things the foreigners are callin ventarks, just looks like a big glob of lava spit ter me. And these evil little fire spirit tings, look like elflins cept they're on fire, I thought elflins on fire wuz guid...but tink I ain't right wit dese tings. Then there's dese giant rock things that roll around like dey were some big ol' boulder. Almost got crushed by onna those when I took me a peep outta me hidey hole, den some wacky foreigner charged after it. Buncha guys in robes too, all tall but thin like pansy elflins, cept they ain't. They're all fiery and lookin like they leadin the other tings.

Eorgaen ~ Lormesta

Haven't hed much time to write in dis. They actually not lettin us drink ale alla time, itz horrible, gotta be posted at da gate to keep watch, but the boys sneak in alez anyway, so its kinda guid. Rump gets all numb not sittin on a barstool doh, but ale is guid.

Fiery tings still comin, keep getting bigger and stayin longer. Derez this one big guy in robes dat comin with the fiery things, looks like hes the leader. I sure ain't get near that ting, he's spoutin off sayin the island is gonna burn and everytin. Over my durn bloody alehouse, ya git. Well, dats what I was GUNNA say to him but he looked kinda busy, killin the foreigners and all. Keeps mentionin sometin about a power source. That damned volcano ain't all calm eidder, keeps shakin the ground and burpin out smoke. Only ting dat drives'm back iz the rain, so now we iz only happy when it rains. Never seen it rain so much befer doh, kinna weird...

... least I ain't have to worry bout a rollin pin no more.

Lormesta ~

Fiery tings still comin, dun't know how to stop em. Foreigners seem kinda weary doh, they likin the rain as much az us nows I tink. Dem mainland folk iz so wacky, goin out in the village and even in da durn EYE! Oh wellz, can't be tryin to change wackos else you be a wacko too cuz it just impossible. It been rainin alot, maybe someone iz blessin us or sometin. Tings still come, dat big guy still wantsa burn down da island. Wonder what the git's name iz... dat way I can insult hiz momma. Dat'd be great!

Lormesta 18th

Wuz watchin durin the fight and diz voice kept yellin about THEM. Tink the voice iz that fiery guy leadin all the other fiery tings. First time I herd him all skered like dat, so I went outta me post and looked round. All dem fiery tings were riled up when he said that THEM was comin, hadda hide real guid. Hung around dat place where da foreigners are, around dat statue of Hymirth. Dat big fiery guy wuz dere around alotta corpses o dem foreigners yellin about how he was gonna burn the isle down and dat dey'd all die. So I went into hidin watchin him and he wuz doin dis spell ting knockin and burnin everyone wit wavez of fire... but right before he did da next one, diz...diz PUDDLE rose up and started ARGUIN wit him! I seen some strange tingz after alotta ale but this iz toppin it.

Soz diz puddle ting formed into a shape like a human and wuz standin there, and the fiery guy went nutz and screamed and den the water-guy hurled diz big stream of water at him and killed him. All da foreigners wuz all happy and so wuz I, but then this puddle-guy started TALKIN! Said hiz name was Nelemar... if I dinn't just see him hurl dat water like it wuz nothin and kill that other fiery ting, I'd say he wuz a panzy. But he went to explainin that he wuz an elemental and so was dat fiery guy, and dat da fiery guys name wuz Avregol. Kept sayin that lotsa the fire-tings should be stronger cuz of the volcano bein all gurgly and active nows, but that the Avregol guy shouldn't be havin so much power and he wuz wonderin why. Said he wuz gonna send the children of da sea to help out wit dem fiery tings and the foreigners was all happy bout dat, so wuz I kinda. Den he left after askin em to scout out volcano. Durn nutzo elementals and their durn nutzo foreigners... goin IN the volcano! They're CRAZY! Den he said dat he'd been sendin the rains to help out, and den he called 'em again and everytin was guid. I be kinna glad though, cuz now I can practice dem insults.

Avregol, yer momma izza married to a kindling!
Avregol, yer momma izza nuttin but cigar ash!
Avregol, ya couldn't burn a rollin pin if ya stuck it in yer ears and jumped inna volcano!

Yeh, diz is good to practice.

Lormesta ~

Fiery tings still comin... dere wuz diz weird weird ting wanderin around after when da rainz came, doh. Like a big ol water drop the size o me fist. Wuz hoppin around like some halflin after eatin a tart. Not be talkin much, just kinna glurblin. Been showin up fer a while near dat statue and the fountain and playin wit the foreigners, kinna keepin watch over em. Least someone iz doin it, cuz I sure ain't! Crazy foreigners.

Lormesta ~

Watery ting keeps comin back after da fiery things get driven off by rain, sed itz name, and I ain't drunk when I write dis... sed itz name wuz Aqualthu. Weird durn name. Weird durn ting. Weird durn foreigners.

Oh yeh, lost me train a thought there. Durn little Aqualthu ting saved a buncha foreigners... seems dat the Avregol guy iz gettin alot more steamed dat he be driven back, so he pulled a buncha foreigners in da earth, and I saw dat Aqualthu water ting sink in and bring em back up! Weird tings... I just want me durn ale and fer the ground to stop shakin and fer the durn fiery tings to go back in the belly of dat durn volcano. Heard dat dere wuz anudder weird ting like Aqualthu cept it were a little flame ting. Onna the boys saw it and said it wuz a lil shrimpy ting and wuz all scared, an it spoke! Said its name was Chutheras... weird durn fire pansy tings!

So dis Chutheras wuz sayin that hiz master Avregol wuz never like dis until IT came along. Dunno what IT iz, but if it be influencin dat arse Avregol, it sure be makin me nervous.

Lormesta ~

Bah, if it ain't one ting itz anudder. Been alotta dark evil undead tings comin outta the ground now, fiery tings kinda went away fer a while, but dey showed up a couple'a times, and dat Avregol feller was mighty riled up. Kept sayin dat the darkness ain't gonna keep him held back, no siree. Well, mebbe not the nosiree part, but yeh. He was all ticked off dat dese undead tings were here, and I tink that all diz stuffs in our heads iz in his head too or sometin. Eidder way now we got to deal wit stinky tings insteada fiery tings. Secret ale supply be intact doh, so it ain't all bad!

Fashanos 6th

Volcano gettin more angry, spittin up soot and Eonak knows what else! Buncha foreigners got all excited cuz they found alotta pages wit da ash. I weren't perticu'larly innerested in it, but when tings were quiet and da boys and I had time fer an ale, onna 'em said that they heard what them pages said. I remember dat old minin expedition out in the Eye fer riches, guess we know what happened to em. Poor old sots, diz iz what it said.

"..expedition failed......fell through......a hole, so deep in the ground...air scalds to attacked by creatures. In chamber, looks like they du.....g something...Gem...bright gem, scarlet col.......lor so vivid. More beautiful than any ruby, like it has an inter......nal fire of its own. Can't touch it, burnt hands and they're.....coming. Hope someone finds this. Tell my wife I love her...and buy my boys an ale, say its from their Pop..."

Wonner what dat gem was, doh. Never heard a anytin like it and if dwarves ain't knowin their gems they ain't no dwarf! Maybe dem foreigners ain't so crazy fer goin in there... prob'ly lotza riches.

Fashanos ~

Dem dark tings won't get outta my head. Heard some priest in da temple say they were called vishmiir, den his head 'sploded... so I ain't sayin dat durn word. Haven't been seein any fiery tings or da watery things showin up. Must be gettin held back by dis evil stuff. Good ting, too... I wouldn't wanna be in da middle o DAT battle. Fiery tings, watery tings, and stinky tings... durn dats one big mess!

Fashanos ~

Heard dat dem undead tings in me head wuz banished by some crazy priest in Solhaven. Yeh dats right I called 'em crazy... anyone who wanna stand up to dose tings iz crazy! Haven't been seein anytin else doh, is kinna quiet cept fer the volcano rumblin. Kinna feelin that its warnin us dat dem tings are comin back.

Fashanos 15th

I wuz right, dey came back. Really strong diz time and REALLY angry. Hadda hide extra guid with the boys, found some mer ale so da night was ok. Foreigners got ripped to pieces doh, and diz weird little pixie ting was flyin around yellin bout fun. Durn crazy idjit fire tings, dis ain't fun! I yelled dat at her but she kinna just giggled and flew off. Durn crazy tings.

Soz Avregol showed up in da temple, I heard onna me fellows say, and wuz about to kill everyone. Den dat Nelemar guy showed ups and splained tings. Seems like hez figured out why diz durn Avregol feller iz so powerful. And dat gem that them poor dead expeditioner sots mentioned, hoo boy dat ting iz sometin I'd wanna get me hands on and stick it inna me grandpappy's ol' helmet, right atween the horns! Oh yeh, I gettin ahead o meself...

So Nelemar's sayin that this durn blockhead Avregol iz too powerful cuz he'z got diz gem, right? He said dat he suspected it all along and wouldn't tellz us cuz it was only supposed ter be known among the Elemental type tings and dat us uhh... I ferget what word he used. I tink it were sub-beefer er creatures or sometin. But yeh, he said we weren't supposed to know but Avregol let it slip cuz o dem miners and now we knew anywayz. So he sez diz gem is named the Fier'dracus and dat it's givin dis durn sot Avregol a whole lotta power especially cuz a da volcano eruptin, and dat Avregol is leechin' off diz natural event in da "Great Cycle". Great cycle my arse, he's actin like an elflin des'prete fer power!

So hez askin the foreigners to keep an eye out fer anytin unusual and explainin dat diz Fier'dracus ting iz like intellergent... gems intellergent, 'magine dat! I'dda never believed it if it din't come outta a talkin' puddles mouth, but there ya have it! And hez sayin dat itz corruptin Avregol wit its power and it's wantin to flare up and consume everytin on da isle. Datz just durn great news, I tell ya. Durn great news.

Den he sez that he don't know where it iz to them foreigners, and that he prolly hid it up real goods. He tell em to look doh, and they said they willz. He also be mentionin dat wimpy flame Chutheras and sayin that hez not corrupted by the power of that Fier'dracus ting and prolly be wantin to set tings right agin. Maybe I tell the boys not to stomp on it if dey see the pansy ting. Anywayz, the foreigners are lookin fer it now... don't tink they gonna find it less some earthquake splits open da ground to wherever that idjit Avregol hid it. Better get back ta me home now, else da wife iz gonna get mad. Dat ain't guid... lookz like I do have to keep worryin bout rollin pins. Bah.




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