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Event Summaries

The War of Nations
In later times historians would call 5103 a dark year; a time fraught with chaos and strife. It began simply enough, with the arrival of a blue-tailed comet. For the Trolls, the comet was an augury that called forth half-remembered prophecies and legends. The Krolvin hailed the celestial event as a harbinger of victories to come. The Elves looked upon it with little more than mild intellectual curiosity. To the Empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire, beginning her tenth year on the throne, the comet was a sign of the blessing of the gods. But to her vassal, the Baron Hochstib... it meant war.

The Griffin Sword Saga
At first, the incursions of the Dark Alliance were but mild... whispers of a darkness behind the storms that brewed nightly for weeks. They whispered of shadows rising, gathering and lying in wait for a sign that would come. It was then, that a voice spoke from the blackened skies...

Fire in Ice: The Tale of Thurfel
When the story of the Council of Ten was first told by the merchant Uxbri, all of us who had made the little halfling town of IceMule Trace our home were fascinated. We knew so little of the founders of the town. Of the "plain facts" of the Dabbingses setting out from the Landing to start the town, of course, more than a bit was known. Yet of the rest, next to nothing of the old history. All this was truly magical. It seemed Paradis halflings were not as "easygoing" and "simple" as many liked to believe. And that there was in them, first and foremost, a strong sense of personal independence even "godly" messengers could not subvert.

The Advent of the Vishmiir
Priests of Liabo throughout the continent report that they have sensed strange energies building, a dangerous force that they feel is both ancient and terrible. They caution adventurers to be wary, as this energy could manifest itself in deadly ways in the future. Sages and priests alike are investigating the matter to stop it before it becomes hazardous to the people of Elanthia...

Terror on Teras
Fiery tings still comin, keep getting bigger and stayin longer. Derez this one big guy in robes dat comin with the fiery things, looks like hes the leader. I sure ain't get near that ting, he's spoutin off sayin the island is gonna burn and everytin. Over my durn bloody alehouse, ya git. Well, dats what I was GUNNA say to him but he looked kinda busy, killin the foreigners and all...











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