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Gemstone IV News

Swarm in the Jungle
Posted on 11/07/2011 08:18 AM CST by GS4-KENSTROM

Like an unwelcome rainstorm at a picnic, silence settled upon the southern jungles and changed the atmosphere of the small island.  Cicadae and crickets seemed hesitant as they heralded the growing night and quickly withdrew their dusk chorus from the air.  Plumed birds, while not an unwanted sight, shifted and moved to the northern islands instead of remaining in their verdant perches.  Even the elusive Iyo were seen, which in and of itself was alarming, fleeing their home in the wilds.  Other animals that belonged under canopy and bow dispersed from their native homes and took to shoreline caves or swam to perches amid the Teeth of Koar.  The unsettling quiet spread as far as the peaceful confines of Mist Harbor, and throughout the early evening hours, several faces could be seen turning to the south where the menace grew.

From her office in Mist Harbor Proper, Ilsola acted quickly and composed the following letter.

Dear Masters of the Order of Sunfist,

Mist Harbor implores you for aid.  Some sinister plot has hatched itself at our doorstep, and we are ill-prepared to handle its arrival.  Portals have been opened to those that you call Grimswarm, and they have found the fruits of our jungles to their liking.  Even as I write to you, the vile beasts have begun to sink their foul claws into our verdant wilds and claim them for their own.

It is our hope that you will send representatives of your order here to our aid.  I have asked several of our local works to venture to the edges of our wilds, under heavy guard of course, to start clearing an area so that we can build an outpost for you.  We will be happy to provide you with everything that you may need for this endeavor.

Yours in need,

Ilsola, Town Administration of Mist Harbor

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