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Gemstone IV News

Begetting Besiegers Opens in Wehnimer's! [Prime]
Posted on 09/02/2011 07:15 PM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

Just in time for Frontier Days, Begetting Besiegers has now permanently opened up shop in Wehnimer's Landing!  Go look for the large reddish-brown sandstone shop on Valeria St, just east of Tykel's Arms!

In the shop you will find over two dozen miniatures, each with custom messaging, along with castles, tiny siege engines and repair cases!  There are also two arena's available for your entertainment, one even has an observation deck!

The owner, Walward, has a few unique miniatures in his cabinet in the front room and when he travels back through town in a week he will setup some raffles to give some of them away. He will be raffling off five miniatures each of Mayor Walkar, Thrayzar the Orc, Drangell the Troll, Mirayam, Spike the War Rat, and Baron Hochstib. Watch for more news regarding their release in a week!

Go forth and siege!

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