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Gemstone IV News

Now Entering Wehnimer's Landing. Welcome Home!
Posted on 08/10/2011 08:23 PM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

Been away for awhile?  Let us be the first to welcome you back. Wehnimer's Landing may have once been your home, or at least a place you hold fond recollections of. Those memories are priceless, but the journey is not done. Not everything is exactly as you may remember it. Yes, your favorite spots still exist and perhaps many old faces too, but change is in the air. Your past was just preparation. The adventure is waiting for you. Come see what the frontier has to offer!

Things have changed recently in Wehnimer's Landing, from the arrival of a new evil threat in the form of red robed summoners, to the election of a new mayor! A mysterious merchant has bought and renovated the bathhouse and is unveiling a new museum in the coming weeks! Hired mercenaries have arrived in town to help defend the streets as tinkering gnomes have installed a magical orb in the West Tower to alert the town of incoming attacks. Even Moot Hall has seen some upgrades, providing a special chance for loyal citizens to win unique raffles.

But perhaps you'd rather ease into your return and instead welcome the relaxation of now being able to fish off of the docks into Darkstone Bay. Don't worry if you lost your supplies, our new fishing shop has plenty. If you plan to stay for awhile, you'll be sure to find some fun and friends during the upcoming Frontier Days, two full weeks full of events, festivities, merchants and raffles! Stick around even longer and you can enjoy some intense siegery miniature battles in a new arena, or test your luck when Beldrin's Hall releases their new gambling games

But of course, it's not all fun and games. The town is still healing from a massive war against invading trolls, the constant threat of summoned golems falling from the sky and the current uprising of angry townspeople who are spreading dark rumors about the mayor. Despite the town's friendly smiles, there is tension in the air as the shadows of evil are gathering.

But that's why you're here, of course. Your adventure is not over. In fact, it's just beginning. Now entering Wehnimer's Landing. Welcome home.

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