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Gemstone IV News

Frontier Days: Calendar of Events!
Posted on 08/08/2011 01:12 PM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

Week One: MHO/CHE (Sunday, August 21st through Saturday, August 27th)

Sunday, August 21st:

* House Phoenix - Summer Picnic and Camp Out - 6:00pm Eastern - Phoenix Courtyard

The House of the Rising Phoenix cordially invites one and all to join us in an exuberant celebration of summertime fun on Feastday, the 21st day of Phoenatos, in the year 5111 (Saturday, August 21, 2011) at 6:00 P.M., elven standard time.  Bring along a big appetite for a fabulous picnic feast; your fishing gear for a fishing fun tournament; a steady hand and sharp eye for some rounds of darts; some skimpy attire for a moonlight swim; your enthusiasm for great fun and games; some space in your bags in case you win some wonderful prizes; and a hand to hold or your favorite stuffed toy in case you're scared of ghost stories!  We hope to see you all there!

* House of Aspis - Thirty Minute Thespians: Landing Edition - 8:00pm Eastern - Aspis tent on North Ring Road 

Celebrate Wehnimer's Landing and challenge your creativity with the House of the Argent Aspis! Meet with the Dragon sibs and receive your tools: a theme, a special Landing prop item, and a keyword.  Your mission, in thirty minutes, using all of these tools, create a masterpiece!  Participants will reconvene in thirty minutes sharp to present their works of storytelling, poetry or even theater!  All our plucky performers will receive special prizes.  What can you do with half an hour?

* Willow Hall - Archery Contest - 9:00pm Eastern - Willow Hall

Come join Willow Hall to claim your title as best archer in the land!  The contest will start promptly at 9 in the evening by the Elven time (9 PM Eastern) on the Restday, Koaratos 21 (August 21).  Prizes will be awarded to the winners.


Monday, August 22nd:

* Clan Snar - Roshambo - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Eastern - Wayside Inn, Chambers

Rock, Paper, Scissors?! SHOOT! - It's fun! Come Join the members of Clan Snar for a tournament style round of classic Roshambo, the game that puts your cunningness and dexterity to the test, sometimes even your ego! There will be trinkets and treasures for First and Second Place! See you there!

* Rone Academy - Woven Wonders - 8:30pm Eastern - Rone Academy tent on North Ring Road

Have your own personal sense of fashion? Enjoy crafting unique and one of a kind items? Join the ladies of Rone Academy for an introductory class on weaving.  Basic how-to as well as tips and tricks will be covered.  Materials will be provided but students are encouraged to bring any of their favorite gems, flowers, feathers, or skins.

* Cairnfang Manor - Lobster Races - 9:00pm Eastern - Small Park

Cairnfang Manor will bring its famous lobster races to Landing!  Meet us in the small park to get organized.  we will then move to the chosen racing area. 

* Onoir - Herb-a-Rama - 10;00pm Eastern - Onoir Fortress

The house Daingneach Onoir will be giving a healing presentation at their fortress located at the end of the Coastal Cliffs outside of Landing. All attendees will be able to pick up free herbs, healing formularies, etc. Prizes will be awarded throughout the event. Escorts will be available from Solhaven, Landing, and Icemule to take you to the fortress at a time before the event starts, if you need them.


Tuesday, August 23rd:

* Willow Hall - Lost Ranger - 8:00pm Eastern - Willow Hall Companion Park

Solve clues to find Willow Hall's rangers around town.  Brush up on your knowledge about the Landing!

* The Faendryl Enclave - Faendryl Divination Methods and Practices - 9:00pm Eastern - Tent NW of Outside Gates

Join the Faendryl Enclave to learn about the Faendryl methods of divination.  Our own Enclave member, Lady Veni Mal'Tsaiven Faendryl, will be lecturing and demonstrating both Smoke and Demon methods of divination.  Volunteers to have their future read are most welcome. 

* Yllyc Simisiri - An Evening of Code Poems - 10:00pm Eastern - Needs Tent/North Ring Road

Code Poems are not only an art form for the Aelotoi; they were also an important means of communication while they lived under the Overseers on Bre'naere.  Join Yllyc Simisiri, the Windborne, for an evening of poetry recitations and share your own secret message.  All who share a poem will receive a small token of appreciation.  For more information about what a Code Poem is and an example, please see


Wednesday, August 24th: 

* GEMS - Musical Stones - 8:00pm Eastern - GEMS Embassy

When the music ends, you better not be the last one to reach for a stone, or there won't be any, and you're out of the game! Prizes and fun all around!

* Sylvanfair and Elanthian Elegance – Design Fair – 9:00pm Eastern – Sylvanfair Grove

Join members of Sylvanfair and Elanthian Elegance as they sit for a relaxing evening at the Sylvanfair Grove just west of their main courtyard, offering their assistance with design work for any and all sorts of items.  Have an event you need the right dress for, or maybe a favorite suit of armor you want personalized?  We'll be able to help!  We have experience with all sorts of tricky items, so don't be afraid to ask about unusual items as well.

* House Sovyn – Drunken Darts – 9:00pm Eastern – House Sovyn 

Think you have a steady hand at darts? How 'bout after a shot or two? If you're still hitting the target, it's time for another drink! Last man standing takes home a prize, but there will be rewards for lightweights as well. Empaths will be on hand to attend to any damage.


Thursday, August 25th:

* Willow Hall - Lucky Strike - 9:00pm Eastern - Willow Hall Companion Park

Game of chance and elimination, and even death and injury!  


Friday, August 26th:

* Moonshine Manor - Drink Until Your Siegery Mini Drops! - 6:00pm Eastern - Plur's Pub, Moonshine Manor

Everyone must be drunk at the start of match.  Every time your siegery hits its opponent,  you must take another drink. Pairs of players/drunks will be done according to number of shows. For the first round we request stock mini's only.  If there are enough special mini users in attendance and we are not running too late, we will do matches with them as well.

* GEMS - One Coin Auction - 8:00pm Eastern - GEMs Embassy

Don't miss GEM's One Coin auction, where every item, no matter its value, starts at 1 silver!


Saturday, August 27th:

* Order of the Silver Gryphon and Helden Hall - Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament - 3:00pm Eastern - Helden Hall Fighting Pit

It's time again to "pit" your might against other challengers in the annual Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament!

* Black Wolves - Clan Feud - 5:00pm Prelimary Rounds - 8:00pm Final Rounds - Black Wolves Courtyard

The Black Wolves are hosting Clan Feud, the game where teams go head-to-head coming up with the top answers to questions about Elanthia.  So make a clan and come to the walkway east of the pawnshop for some friendly rivalry.  If you don't have a clan we'll make one for you.  Show me a game where everybody has fun?  Survey says: Clan Feud!

* House of Paupers and Coterie of the Swan - Gambling Night - 9:30pm Eastern - Inside Paupers

Does Lady Luck shine on you?  Join the House of Paupers and Coterie of the Swan for a night of gambling, filled with good times and, of course, good drink.  Various games of chance and skill will be available in an attempt to drain your silvers from you, unless you can take the coins instead!


Week Two: Merchant Activity (Sunday, August 28th through Saturday, September 3rd)


In celebration of Frontier Days, merchants from all over will be arriving in Wehnimer's Landing during the second week of the festival!  There will be many appearances from merchants such as Grishom, Tolby, Stiletto, Yriwyn, Naelyne, Felthrop, Juramis, Elgon and others! 

New wagons and tents will be setup, providing a number of wares for your enjoyment!  To top it all off, numerous raffles will be ongoing throughout the entire week, their prizes including such things as custom alteration sessions, uncommon flares, animal companion grooming, wandering tattoos, a forehead gem, custom pet kittens, custom pet lizards, a feature concealing cloak, a multi-setting teleport ring, poker dice, a tart kiln and more!

You will want to be in Wehnimer's Landing, or wish you were!

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