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Gemstone IV News

Landing Museum Grand Re-Opening! [Prime]
Posted on 08/02/2011 03:34 PM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

After months of arduous reconstruction, weeks of collecting local and foreign contributions, and many hours  of sorting and compiling artwork, the renovations to the Wehnimer's Landing Museum are finally complete!

The Museum Curator Victorianna will be overseeing the official unveiling on Tilamaires, the 9th of Phoenatos at 9:30pm Elven Time. (Tuesday, August 9th at 9:30pm Eastern.) Once the doors are opened again, the curator will be leading a tour of the entire museum. Citizens, travelers, and all contributors are invited to attend!

Addressing the long awaited museum renovations, Mayor Walkar said, "We've had too many dark days in Wehnimer's lately, and far too many losses. I'm extremely pleased with the work that's gone into our museum's transformation and I think it's a wonderful thing for all of us to finally have some good news and something to be excited for. I'll see you all there."

Approached moments later, and quite eager to comment, Lord Grishom Stone shared, "I share the Mayor's optimism as well. I have spent much time with Director Bridonna and Curator Victorianna in the last few months, and their passion for this project is unmatched.  I am glad to have been part of this wonderful accomplishment for Wehnimer's Landing and I am certain the town will be quite pleased."




That's right folks! The New Landing Museum is going live on Tuesday, August 9th at 9:30pm Eastern! GM Jainna, as Curator Victorianna, will be doing a live tour of the grounds. Or you're free to wander if you want. Unless my own work schedule throws a wrench at me, I'll also be there at the unveiling and hope to see you all out there. GM Jainna has spent countless hours working on this project and done all of the heavy lifting and her help is priceless. So a HUGE thanks to Jainna for all of her hard work and passion for this.

I'd also like to thank GM Khshathra for QCing the entire thing. It was a lot of rooms, and a lot of items and he does great work as usual.  And of course, most of all, thank you to the players for your item contributions and your artwork designs. It's always a delicate balance whether to keep items in the hands of players, or put said items on display. So thank you for the item donations, as well as the silver donations in the spirit of roleplaying.

This renovation is scheduled currently for Prime. Another renovation project is underway for the Platinum museum, since the histories are different and we want to honor that, not just slap something generic together. So more details of the Platinum museum will be released in time. I will also be "closing" the Prime museum tonight, until its re-opened next Tuesday, so if you need the rooftop…sorry.

I'm excited to see this first phase of the new museum rolled out and hope you all enjoy it!

-GM Kenstrom-

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