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Gemstone IV News

Wehnimer's Landing Frontier Days!
Posted on 07/09/2011 10:50 PM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

The sixth annual Wehnimer's Landing Frontier Days kicks off for two weeks, starting on Sunday, August 21st and ending on Saturday, September 3rd!

Week One will be chalk full of CHE and MHO events, courtesy of the groups: Moonshine Manor, Coterie of the Swan, House of Paupers, The Heavy Hitters, The Black Wolves, The Silver Gryphons, House Sovyn, GEMS, Clan Snar, Rone Academy, Cairnfang Manor, House Aspis, Willow Hall, House Sylvanfair, Elanthian Elegance, The Faendryl Enclave, Yllyc Simisiri, Onoir and House Phoenix!

Week Two will be full of merchant activities, from specialized services to traveling merchant wagons and tents! Many raffles will also be drawn, some of the prizes including unique armor and weapons, a pet kitten and lizards, magical knitting needles, tart kilns, forehead gems, a feature concealing cloak and more!

A schedule of events and details will be released next month!

It'll be a great time for Wehnimer's Landing. Don't miss it!

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