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Gemstone IV News

Albatross Docks in Wehnimer's Landing
Posted on 06/28/2011 10:41 PM CDT by GS4-WYROM

Come join the Albatross' crew, as they celebrate the week of Cholen's Eve in Wehnimer's Landing from the 8th of Koaratos till the 15th.  The riverboat is stocked with alcohol, cigars, and an assortment of games that you can test your luck!

Captain Lahveew is happy to announce that renovations are complete, and there is now a new lounge and library.  Rumor has it, there is even a book talking about tips and tricks on the popular, and risky, Dragon Bones!

And let's not forget there will be a number of merchants offering theirs services and wares!  So stop on out to Wehnimer's Landing in Koaratos for some gambling fun!


There will be some exclusive Premium and Platinum services, raffles, and auctions!


  • Pocketing non-pocketed items.
  • Full unlocking to Vahmyr's bandoliers.
  • An assortment of disk changers.
  • Two fully unlocked gambling kits.
  • ...and more!


  • One padding service.
  • One weighting service.
  • Two shield conversions.
  • An AsG change.
  • Upper level enchanting potions
  • ...everything that Premium gets and more!

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