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Gemstone IV News

Wehnimer's Landing Prevails! Troll Army Retreats!
Posted on 06/16/2011 12:59 AM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

On the eve of Leyan, the 15th day of Lumnea, in the year 5111, Wehnimer's Landing claimed victory over the deranged Commander Drangell and his army of trolls.


After delivering many defeats to the troll army, by breaking their griffin hatchery and destroying their siege camp, the enemy was significantly weakened. In what some speculate as a desperate last attempt at carnage, the troll Commander Drangell led waves of trolls against Wehnimer's Landing one last time.


After much fighting and coordination by local heroes, citizens and allies, the troll army was pushed back once more and Drangell was left surrounded in the streets of Wehnimer's, outside of the Stone Baths. Akhash the Tehir Spiritcaller accompanied the heroes and waited for the opportune time to perform the ritual to try to break Drangell's curse which had originally turned him into a nearly unstoppable troll.


The heroes present disarmed Drangell and using magical flame shards, previously retrieved from the commander's original prison, they pinned him to the ground. Those present kept Drangell subdued by spells while Akhash got close enough to perform his ceremony.


The angry troll tried to resist, but the heroes kept him from standing or escaping and soon his body began to transform before their eyes, slowly changing back into his former giantman self. Once the curse was finally broken, Drangell spat at the crowd and demanded they kill him, extracting final justice. Mayor Walkar was present and a squad of dwarven sentinels arrived, along with Marshal Khylon, who then threw shackles on the commander and hauled him off to confinement.


Hours later, reports came in that clouds of dust were rising above Upper Trollfang and scouts confirmed that bands of trolls were in full retreat, some even visibly befuddled as they escaped in every direction, all semblance of organization now gone. 


From outside Moot Hall, Mayor Walkar addressed a crowd.


"It's over. The remaining trolls are on the run, and Drangell's curse is broken and he has been captured and is in our custody. Over the next week the town council and I will determine the commander's fate and seek justice for his crimes. The hour is late, and our people are exhausted. We are relieved, but we are exhausted. I cannot in words truly convey my gratitude and respect for those who have answered the call and came to Wehnimer's defense in our dark time.


I want to thank our own citizens and heroes, those who fought bravely to defend our home. I want to also thank the heroes of Solhaven, Kharam Dzu, Icemule Trace and even allies who arrived from as far as the Elven Nations! Furthermore, our victory would not have been accomplished without assistance from Thrayzar and his orcs, or the visiting Tehir, Akhash, Mitokht, and Raokh. Wehnimer's Landing is eternally grateful for the aid and military support from Mestanir, Vornavis and the island of Mist Harbor.


Tonight we may rest our weary bones and know that we will see a tomorrow, a brighter day free of blood-thirsty trolls and horror from the skies. But a greater enemy still dwells in the shadows, no doubt fuming over the defeat of Drangell. I will not rest until our real enemy is exposed and destroyed. Only then will our peace last."

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