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The Crimson Runs Freely - [Platinum]
Posted on 06/09/2011 12:39 PM CDT by Webstaff

After weeks of quiet, with only the occasional skirmish or disappearance to report, citizens all over Elanthia are now reporting concerns over an increase in creature activity.  From various places about the continent, citizens are being attacked by packs of roaming creatures, many of which incidents have resulted in injuries and sometimes death.  The attacks appear to be random in nature, happening in both daytime and nighttime hours, against young and old travellers alike.  In many cases, the packs of creatures attack a group of two or less travelling outside of city limits, and then dissipate afterwards without further issue.  Travellers are asked to be cautious while making their way in the wilds as the dangers continue to rise. 

In other news, a breakout of what can only be described as mass mental disturbances has been reported from various cities as well.  Several citizens report having seen visions of horrifying magnitude, both in the environment and in other people.  These attacks of mental disturbance seem to happen only in the evening, and are also random in nature as they attack.  Authorities are looking into what might be causing this and have considered the tainted water supply found in Wehnimer's Landing as a possible catalyst.  Testing will be undergoing over the next few weeks in an effort to find a solution.

~Elanthian Inquisitor


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