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Will Memnole Propose?
Posted on 05/02/2011 02:22 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Rumors spread on Mist Harbor that Memnole visited with Lady Thelsia, the Daughter of the Truefolk, last night and that he commissioned an engagement ring to be made. Though he seemed timid in the asking, he was relieved when the esteemed artisan said that she’d be honored to make the ring. Memnole has stated that he will be “popping the question” to a certain healer this coming Niiman, when they have plans to enjoy a moonlit picnic at the Isle of Species.

Memnole, as many may remember, joined the ranks of Mist Harbor service personnel when local healer, Kwithi, brought him back to the island with her after her departure during the monsoons that threatened to drown the island. Since then, he’s been an upstanding citizen that provides resurrection services for the fallen in their time of need. There is little doubt in the community’s mind that she’ll accept the proposal of a union. The real question, however, is if she does accept, where will the wedding place?

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