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Gemstone IV News

Free Platinum Summer Trials!
Posted on 07/07/2009 03:46 PM CDT by the Webstaff
For the months of June, July, and August, you're invited to give our Platinum community a try... for free!

Tired of being a bystander on the fringe of activity when something special occurs in Elanthia?  Ever wish that your actions could affect your environment in such a way that you could be the hero or villian in your very own fantasy?  Does it sound fantastic to be a part of a community where everyone knows your name and can truly have a hand at shaping the world around you?  Well we want to personally invite you to come and try out the Platinum experience for three months during our promotional trial.  Come play where you can do more than just read about historical and world-changing events -- you can live them instead!

Platinum is a small community of players who thrive on roleplay, interactions with their environment and each other, and the ability to have their actions truly affect the world of Elanthia.  GM interaction is terrific (and plentiful) but certainly not needed, as the players in Platinum have creativity and enjoy sharing it with their peers!  Player-run storylines are just as frequent as GM-run storylines and receive just as much support, and there is rarely a shortage of merchants to personalize your items.  Sound too good to be true?  Come experience it and share our sunshine for the summer!  We'd love to have you!
The Platinum community invites you to come and rediscover the imagination and adventure of today's Gemstone IV!
Sign Up Now!
(This offer only valid for GemStone customers who have not had an active Platinum subscription within the last 6 months.)

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