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Notes on Ta'Illistim changes
Posted on 08/10/2010 01:54 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Following a lot of work, the exterior changes to the streets of Ta'Illistim are now complete and live in Prime and Platinum.


A few details:

All told, this came to a total of 166 rooms changed in some way, shape or fashion.

You will find that the number of "touchable" objects has gone up drastically around town.  All objects (and buildings) should have show or long descriptions.  If you find one that does not, please BUG the item.

The dais is now accessible from more rooms in Shimmarglin Court, and has messaging indicating how exactly a person gets from the ground into hanging gardens suspended in mid-air.  Leaving the dais via OUT drops you in the northernmost room of Shimmarglin Court.)

The bank is now only has one entrance, located off of Glamesine Var.

Ta'Illistim Keep now only has one entrance, located off of Caear Courtyard, between Moonglae Var and Caear Var.

There is now only one exit out of Ta'Illistim Keep, a staircase, that you can CLIMB.  It drops you off in Caear Courtyard.  (In order to get to your lockers from Caear Courtyard you'll want to type:  CLIMB STAIR, GO ARCH, GO WEST DOOR, CLIMB STAIR, and then either NORTH, SOUTH or EAST.  To get back outside, you'll want to type: CLIMB STAIR, GO DOOR, GO ARCH, CLIMB STAIR.)

Amaseloth Viaduct now leads from ground level outside of the General Store (in Shimmarglin Court) to Glamesine Var.

The memorials from the recent contest are scattered around town, though a number are gathered together along Kaerinar Wey.  A few are not out yet, as they're being used somewhere, else, in Ta'Illistim.

Those who worship Tilamaire will want to visit Glamesine Var, as the presence of that deity is strong there.

The event scheduled for this weekend, Walk on the Green, will involve the last piece of the exterior redesign, and a section of town that is currently closed.

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