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Gemstone IV News

Rumors Abound in Velathae
Posted on 11/05/2010 05:17 AM CDT by the Webstaff

Some unusual artifacts have been found by visitors, but many find something foreboding about them.  Are these the items Keysalzius seeks? A relic in the hands of Cynro seemed more ominous still - with witnesses claiming to have seen him feed it with his own blood. Rumblings beneath the ground are disturbing those who seek treasure finds. Two elves were forced to drop their shovels and seek their fortunes elsewhere.  

Will Keysalzius find all he seeks? Will his plans prove to be heroic or mere folly? Was Cynro sent by the merchant guild, or does he act alone? Time is running out to reveal to what lengths each will go to complete their mission. Residents and visitors alike are warned to be wary. Concerns citizens have been overheard to say they fear violence may be on the horizon for Velathae.

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