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Gemstone IV News

Roa'ters and Worms Kick It Up A Notch
Posted on 01/06/2009 04:53 PM CST by the Webstaff

You know the tales by now: that roa'ters have been responsible for more player deaths than anything else. That no critter fills folks with more dread at the prospect of hunting, especially alone. Who among us hasn't been tossed in the air, and thought to him or herself, "I wonder if THIS is the time when I will die?" Hunting roa'ters is the Russian Roulette of Gemstone. Maybe you live. Maybe you die. Eventually you fly.

And the roa'ters and similar wormy critters are keeping up their dominance. Effective today, roa'ters and their kin are on the Basic Critter System (BCS). They have received new abilities and dangerous maneuvers. Details of a particularly nasty attack will be simply left for you to experience for yourself.

Oh happy roa'ters, many were the times when we gambled with just ONE EXTRA BOX in hopes that the extra weight wouldn't be our downfall. Now you've added more and different attacks in addition to your wretched burrowing. We will see you in our nightmares.

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