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Gemstone IV News

Mist Harbor Street Festival!
Posted on 08/02/2010 05:23 AM CDT by the Webstaff
After two years of removing debris, rebuilding, and renovating, Mist Harbor is proud to announce the re-opening of the Eastern Harbor and will be celebrating this momentous occasion with a full-blown street festival!  Fun for all ages, races, and creeds, the street festival highlights the fun, carefree life of the island.

Scheduled to take place over a two-week period, from the 15th of Phoenatos through the 30th [August 15th to 30th], the festival is both a free event for those able to access Isle of Four Winds [Premium subscribers] and an opportunity to discover new things on the island. 

During the street faire, merchants will be bringing forth new and old merchandise for everyone to discover, rediscover, or simply enjoy as they mingle with the crowds.  Ample raffles will provide new opportunities for visiting guests to obtain some fun, exciting items and games will be offered throughout the two weeks for everyone to enjoy!

The chairman of the festival, Lady Ilsola, will roam the streets and be available for conversations during the festival.

Come, play, and enjoy!

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