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A Crimson Moon [Platinum]
Posted on 12/22/2010 06:59 AM CST by the Webstaff

~ Dateline: Feastday, Eorgaen the 18th, 5110 ~

A gruesome new development has been discovered in the case of a child recently reported missing in Wehnimer's Landing. The child was found not far from the town walls, mutilated and left to be discovered by adventurers who stumbled upon the corpse.  More disturbing that her state when she was found was the condition of the environment in which she was found.  Locals report that authorities found a makeshift alter and a message smeared across her body which indicate this was no random act.  Not long afterwards, people from all over Elanthia reported seeing a crimson sheen cast across the lands from what most are calling a "blood moon".  Rumor has it this is the time of year for Lornon followers to become overly active and the moon to turn to blood in response, but this has yet to be confirmed.  We will report more as we discover it.  In the meantime, a friendly reminder to keep your loved ones close.

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