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Foul Play in Wehnimer's [Platinum]
Posted on 12/18/2010 01:59 AM CST by the Webstaff
I am reporting from the bustling town of Wehnimer's Landing, whose citizens are in the midst of preparing for the Solstice season. In the midst of the goodwill, cheer and overall fun to be had during this season, the unfortunate has happened. Local seamstress, Lectoria, has experienced tragedy in her family that we all wish to avoid - the kidnapping of a child. Young Lana, eight years old and visiting her Aunt Lectoria for the Solstice season with her mother, Lectoria's sister, has gone missing. Local authorities were on the case immediately and sent out watchmen to investigate the crime scene, interview the family and any other citizens who might have seen something.

Local adventurers were said to have seen the child in the small park chasing down a red ball during the night, but retrieved it and went on her way. Shortly afterwards, shouts and a scuffle were heard by several in the west side of town. The family are heartbroken of course and are pleading with any who have information to help as needed. The safety of this small child is paramount to the authorities and every hour that passes it is less likely she will be found.

As of this moment, there are no suspects as the witnesses spoken to said they only saw shadowed figures escaping from the direction of the noises when the child was taken. The red ball said to have lured her from her warm home was left on the street and is now being held as evidence by the authorities. We'll keep you updated as we know more information. Locals have asked that people please be on their toes and keep an eye out as danger is most definitely afoot.

OOC NOTE: Once again, if you were present or even just heard about it and want to speak your mind, please send your story to me via email and you may be in the next publication!

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