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Fascination? Or Horror?
Posted on 01/29/2009 06:15 PM CST by the Webstaff
Reports are coming in from all over Wehnimer's Landing of mysterious happenings surrounding the ribbon just outside the town's walls.

"My son Davey went out hunting wild roltons," a tearful woman told us, "He never came back. I just know that ribbon got him!" According to her account, the ten year old boy frequently wandered Lower Dragonsclaw and would occasionally bring home a small rolton to feed the family. He has aspirations of being a great adventurer according to his friends.

Others, including a cleric serving in the Landing's temple, are skeptical. "It makes absolutely no sense that a ribbon is kidnapping men, women, and children. That ribbon has stood there for years without bothering anyone. The boy probably ran away." Many remark on the semi-frequent kidnappings and lost children that often occur and assume that these new incidents are just more of the same.

Officials are still unclear, but they are investigating all alleged happenings, including the sudden rash of missing persons. The ribbon has not responded to attempts to question or study it. As of yet, no official has witnessed unusual ribbon activity, however.

The ribbon mysteriously appeared several years ago for no apparent rhyme or reason. Roltons and other indigenous fauna tend to give it wide berth, but until now, no reports of anything other than benign, albeit slightly bizarre, silken behavior have cropped up.

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