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Gemstone IV News

Return of an Officer
Posted on 12/12/2010 09:08 AM CST by the Webstaff
Godle Urmeil, Lord Legionnaire Commander of Ta'Vaalor, returned to the city today after an extended expedition throughout the Elven Nations on behalf of King Tyrnian. Urmeil was reportedly seen conducting inspections of barracks housing, as well as re-familiarizing himself with local business owners and residents. He was overheard to say, "I'm very glad to be back amongst my brothers and sisters in arms, and hope to be of as much service to our King and House while stationed in Ta'Vaalor as I was abroad."

As one of three Lord Legionnaire Commanders, Godel Urmeil answers directly to King Tyrnian. He is joined in his role by Jaranzair Nashal and Alavaina Byrin. All three are considered masters of command, tactics and leadership, though Urmeil is the most recent addition to, and youngest member of, the trio.

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