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Gemstone IV News

Speak Up !
Posted on 10/05/2010 11:14 AM CDT by the Webstaff
  • Your friend may grumble doubtfully over your big fish story,  but you may argue respectfully that it was, in fact, a whopper.  
  • Should your lady advise you diplomatically to wipe the mud from your boots, we suggest you acquiesce graciously to the request. 
  • If you come upon a stranger who threatens testily to harm you, will you snarl derisively about his heritage, or persuade him pragmatically to join forces instead?

    41 new speech tones and 29 new speech verbs are now available for your enjoyment, listed below. As well, the punctuation restrictions on several of the existing speech verbs have been loosened.

    Tones: admiringly, apprehensively, avidly, comfortingly, consolingly, crankily, crassly, crudely, delightedly, demurely, derisively, didactically, diplomatically, doubtfully, flippantly, forcefully, glumly, graciously, grandiosely, indifferently, intimidatingly, laconically, nasally, piously, pleasantly, pragmatically, prayerfully, respectfully, roughly, sagaciously, shakily, sorrowfully, stiffly, tentatively, testily, thunderously, uncomfortably, vehemently, vigorously, wickedly, wonderingly

    Verbs: acquiesce, admonish, advise, argue, boast, breathe, challenge, chide, clarify, conclude, console, contend, deny, disagree, emphasize, enthuse, grumble, gush, inform, note, persuade, praise, ramble, read, screech, snarl, spit, threaten, vow

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