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Gemstone IV News

Droughtman's Challenge!
Posted on 02/10/2011 11:08 AM CST by Webstaff


"What on Elanith is Droughtman's Challenge?" you ask!

Droughtman himself has answers:

"If you dare to accept my call, you'll enter my Maze as one of ten contestants whose task is simple, yet as twisted as the very walls that surround you!  Abandoning all your supplies, you'll be given access to an arming room of basic gear to choose from and a survival kit containing some acantha leaf, some powerful healing medicine, and a mysterious wand (No licking or eating the wands!  The Management is not responsible for any injuries!)

"Into the Maze you'll go, seeking your way to the White Door.   Along the way, you'll find several colored doors.   When you start your journey, some will block your path and others will be wide open, at least until someone pulls one of the many colored levers you'll find around the Maze!  Some levers will open doors that were closed!   Some levers will close doors that were open!  Some levers will not only open some doors, but also close others, too!  But remember, while you're pulling levers trying to open the right doors that lead you to glory, nine other people are doing the same thing!  Strategy and cunning are key!

"Key?   I almost forgot!  To get through the White Door, you'll need to find a golden key.  In various places throughout the Maze, you'll find ropes dangling from the ceiling.  Give one a pull, if you feel lucky, and you just might get a key!  Then again, who knows what else might happen!

"One important word!  Death is but an inconvenience here, since dying will merely move you back to the beginning of the maze.  In truth, victory will likely favor the fleet of foot and nimble of mind, although I'm sure that the strong of body will do everything they can to slow them down!

"Everyone will be on equal footing inside the maze.   There are no special advantages for the old and powerful, just as there are none for the young and weak!  There's limited magic spells, no society powers, and no combat maneuvers allowed by the contestants!

"This is a Challenge worthy of true Champions and Heroes as the gods truly intended... skill, cunning, and brains are just as important (if not more-so) as brute force."


***Returning for one weekend only, Droughtman will be running a special tournament with a grand prize of your choice of adding enchanting, weighting, or padding to your favorite item! (Enchant of 2 levels on an item 6x or below or 1 level on an item 7x or above up to a maximum of 10x, weighting/padding of either "heavy" level on an unweighted/unpadded item OR increasing existing weighting/padding by a flat amount to a maximum of "exceptional".)

Other finalists will receive their choice of a standard item alteration or lightening or deepening one item.

ALL WINNERS must have the item ON THEIR PERSON at the time of the event. You must bring it with you to the finals round in order to have it worked on. All work will be performed immediately after the finals round.

Check the forums for more details and to ask questions! 


Challengers and spectators alike can enter the arena through several black marble arches found throughout the lands:

Wehnimer's Landing - Town Square Southeast
Solhaven - South Market
Icemule - Icemule Temple, Foyer
Teras - Vaalin Street, Temple District
Ta'Illistim - Shimmarglin Var
Ta'Vaalor - Amaranth Court
Zul Logoth - Hall of Arches
Mist Harbor - Mist Harbor Inn, Approach
River's Rest - River Road (outside the Captain's Quarters)
Cysaegir - Linsandrych Common

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