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Gemstone IV News

Mist Harbor Merchant Council Unanimously Resigns
Posted on 02/02/2011 01:47 PM CST by the Webstaff
Before resigning, the council spent time ironing out the exact process that they felt should be used to create a new governing council. This process, as explained by Ilsola, would entail the nomination of those merchants that either own a home upon the island, own a shop upon the island, or frequent the island enough to be interested in moving to it. She explained that visitors and citizens alike would be asked to nominate those merchants that they felt were qualified for the position and that she would supply the necessary means for those interested in making nominations in the days ahead.

Ilsola was quoted as saying, "The town is grateful for the stability that Etaenir the jeweler, Tisannof the locksmith, Fickle the fruit vender, Cendadric the pawnshop owner, and Siquen the dyer were able to bring to Mist Harbor in the days following the dreadful monsoon. We wish them the best as they return to their own businesses and hope that they will continue to be the helpful citizens that they have proven themselves to be in the past."

Though clearly stressed by the news, Ilsola bore it well and promised to provide information on how visitors to the island could help to nominate merchants to be placed upon the ballot. Currently, those merchants that qualify to be nominated are those that either live on the island, or one of the surrounding ones, own shops on the island, or frequent the island often enough to wish to move there and join the council. She went on to state that those merchants that own homes in Heleconia Way would NOT be allowed to be nominated.

No official nominations were accepted at the time of the meeting, though both Lady Chisma and Miss Arbigail's names were brought up. Ilsola did say that she would speak to both of the women named, but nothing more official than that.

When asked about the process for voting, the town administrator stated that the council had agreed that full citizens, those holding dual citizenship, and those with partial citizenship status would be allowed to vote. However, she made it clear that any visitors may nominate a merchant.

No specific date has been given as to when the vote will take place, however, it was announced that a debate would happen in the future once a full ballot of nominees was assembled. Rumors have flown through the harbor regarding the reasons behind the previous council members leaving, but inquiries to those council members about their time on the COUNCIL were answered in odd fashions. Tisanoff, the locksmith, flat out refused to answer any questions that were ASKed of him, but the others on the COUNCIL were much more forthcoming when spoken to.

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