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Gemstone IV News

Ta'Vaalor Recalls Commanders
Posted on 01/26/2011 06:11 PM CST by the Webstaff
The Office of the High Lord Stewardess of Ta'Vaalor announced today that all three Lord Legionnaire Commanders of the Vaalorian Army have been recalled home at the behest of Constable Corath hel'Saeari, the military liaison between the city and the army. When asked if this was related to any known threat, High Lord Stewardess Tahlthi Zyithaira responded, "I have been informed of no threat. The Constable is merely exercising a call for a review of the troops stationed within the city, as is his right." Lord Legionnaire Commanders Jaranzair Nashal and Tiope Ysinia are expected to soon join the third of the triad, Godle Urmeil, who was previously restationed in Ta'Vaalor.

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