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Gemstone IV News

Merchant Caravan to Traverse Elanthia
Posted on 03/02/2010 01:17 PM CST by the Webstaff

The previous year has been a difficult one for the economy of Elanith. With the occupation, destruction, and miraculous recovery of one of the North's major ports, trade has reached an all-time low in the area, affecting even such frontier towns as Wehnimer's Landing and Icemule Trace.
A loose affiliation of merchants has banded together in hopes of bringing much-needed services to various towns in the region. Spurred by the urgings of spirited wool peddler Sareenah Aufdhuum, this group has formed a caravan that will be visiting several cities and towns beginning on Niiman, the 4th day of Charlatos.
The first city to be visited is Kharam Dzu. In honor of this caravan's hard work, the Isle's governing bodies have agreed to relax its restrictions on inexperienced adventurers to allow all access to the island for a limited time.
Solhaven, Icemule Trace, Wehnimer's Landing, and other towns will follow soon afterward!

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