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Gemstone IV News

Ta'Vaalor to Host Royal Ball!
Posted on 11/20/2008 09:16 AM CST by the Webstaff
King Tyrnian Vaalor is pleased to announce a royal ball on the occasion of the newly-renovated Guardian Keep. Due to the importance and scale of this event, the elven king will magnanimously allow all members of the populace to attend.

Guardian Keep, long an emblem of Ta'Vaalor's might and majesty, had been long closed to the public. King Tyrnian has expressed hopes that the opening of the keep allows the general population to more closely experience the glory of his people.

All guests are expected to dress in formal attire. Slovenly appearance or behavior shall not be tolerated.

The ball will be held on Feastday, the 6th day of Eorgaen, in the year 5108 (December 6th - Platinum). An encore of the ball will be held on Feastday, the 20th day of Eorgaen, in the year 5108, in the year 5108 (December 20th - Prime). For both evenings, the ball will commence at 9:00 PM, ET.

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