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Gemstone IV News

Icemule Mayor Retires; Vote on the Horizon
Posted on 11/20/2008 09:08 AM CST by the Webstaff
After weeks of rumours and speculation, reports from Icemule suggest the Mayor has today announced his retirement. Local citizens reported a herald announced the news this afternoon.

A Representative from the Icemule Trace Town Council has confirmed that Mayor Binnder has decided to retire after many years of service to the town. Councillor O'Mallory passed on this message to citizens of Icemule Trace:

"Citizens and friends of Icemule, we thank Mayor Fizelgrauf Binnder for everything he has done for our town, and we are ready for a new era. Over the course of the next week we expect potential candidates to emerge and are planning to announce these candidates as soon as possible. Icemule Trace operates a democratic election system, and we encourage all citizens to cast their vote wisely, on election day."

The news comes after many months of criticism and increasing unrest within the town council. Early news indicates candidates from well known Icemule families emerging.

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