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Gemstone IV News

Find The Key To This Mystery!
Posted on 09/18/2009 07:13 AM CDT by the Webstaff
Small whispers have escaped from the village of Velathae that a small artifact from the Tower Hill family collection has disappeared.  Although its full properties are unknown (and the Tower Hill family has refused to comment), the "key" is rumored to be a "favorite" of one of the village's famed specters and has, on occasion, gone missing in the past.  The length of this disappearance has spanned more time than usual, however, and there is fear that the item is no longer in Velathae.  The Merchant Consortium has quietly made promises to reward those who assist in finding this item's whereabouts in the form of reservations and tickets to this year's Ebon Gate celebration by hiding parchments in the areas where they hope to trap the key for retrieval.

The Merchant Consortium's quiet reward offering is limited to the following:  Thirty (30) early reservation options for any ticket type; ten (10) discounted basic admission tickets; five (5) tickets for FREE admission into the festival grounds and auction.

The Merchant Consortium has warned that the key can be sly, so even if it disappears before you are able to pick it up, don't give up -- keep looking for it.  The Consortium has also clearly stated that when the true key is permanently retrieved, a proper announcement will be made in order to make clear that the rewards are no longer available.

Reward Rules:

  • When the key whisks you away, be sure to pick up a parchment.  You will have one (1) week to write to the e-mail address given on the parchment, from the time that the key moved you, to state whether you wish to keep or return the winnings.  If no contact has been made in that week's time, it will be assumed you do not have interest and you will not be able to claim your reward after that time.
  • The special reservation and free admission offer are not transferable between any accounts, and the special reservation and free admission offers are limited to one per account.

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