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Gemstone IV News

Highman Games Storytelling Contest Information
Posted on 01/06/2010 09:31 PM CST by the Webstaff
During the Highman Games, there will be a storytelling contest run in the evening on Volnes (Monday, Feb. 8th, exact time TBA). Unlike the other "officially scored" games, participation in this contest is open to all races. The basics of the contest this year are as follows:

Tell a story, as accurately as you may have heard it passed down, recounting before, during, or after Maelshyve -- or all three -- of one of the Grishknel, Wsalamir, or T'Kirem members who were at Maelshyve. This may be an individual of great historical significance (such as Eahnimaki, Mishka, or Kantoran) or someone who may have made little to no mark in the historical records but was still present in time.

You will have 5 minutes to tell your story -- at the 5 minute mark, you will be asked to stop speaking. You will be judged on content of the story (including creativity and accuracy when pointing out historical details) and storytelling ability (tone, gestures, props). The marks for both categories will be added together into a single score for the contest.

Up to 18 entrants, first to come and sign up 15 minutes before the contest, will be the ones who are entered. In the case that there are more than 18 entrants when sign-ups begin, those present will be randomly chosen by spinner or some other unbiased method. If time allows, up to 6 more entrants will be taken on a random basis after the initial 18 entrants have finished, though there is no guarantee that time will allow.

As a reminder, the Highman Games will open on Leyan, day 3 of the month of Fashanos and close on Tilamaires, day 9 of the month of Fashanos. (Weds, Feb 3rd - Tues, Feb 9th.)

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