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Gemstone IV News

Treasure and Giftboxes and Anniversaries, Oh my!
Posted on 03/24/2010 01:03 PM CDT by the Webstaff

In 2010, GemStone IV is celebrating the 20th anniversary of our official launch.

As a special thank you to both returning and long-time players, we will be amping up our treasure feeder distribution to "Frenzy" level over the next couple of weeks.  Over 2,000 unique treasure items are queued up and ready to be released in treasure chests around Elanthia!  The more you slay, the better your chances of finding these goodies.  (Note:  feeder distribution is being altered in prime only at this time. Platinum will have a separate event over the summer.)

Additionally, for a limited time, we are bringing back the GIFTBOX command with new gifts.  Why?  Because we like you!  (And in special thanks for everyone's patience during the recent relocation of our data center and the subsequent *fun pauses*.)  Giftboxes will be available in both prime and platinum.

The GIFTBOX command may only be used once per account (NOT once per character), and the gifts within will be attuned to the account.  One item in the box is linked to your character's profession AND attuned to the character, so choose wisely!

We hope you enjoy these gifts!  (Have you hugged a QCer today?)

Simutronics Corporation

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