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Gemstone IV News

Highman Games, 5110!
Posted on 01/31/2010 11:11 PM CST by the Webstaff

Just as Winter is exhaling her final frosty breaths, the competition of strength, skill, and feats known as the Highman Games is held every year on Jirkirl's Hilltop.  Generally known as a contest between the various giantman clans, the event and its fairgrounds draw thousands of visitors to take part in and observe the annual marvel.

This year, the dwarves are being invited to participate in the annual games in honor and memory of the Sunfist Pact.

The fairgrounds will be open on Jirkirl's Hilltop on Leyan, day 3 of Fashanos through Tilamaires, day 9 of Fashanos (Wednesday, February 3rd through Tuesday, February 9th.)

Following the opening speech on Leyan, the games will be open to all competitors to practice on, as well as to the visitors who may want to give them a try.  All are encouraged to enter into friendly competition during this time.  Official runs of each game are at pre-scheduled times -- found in the FESTIVAL schedule -- and these runs are only open to the giantmen and dwarves.

Don't forget that there are other activities to partcipate in!  There are the opening of the games, arm wrestling, brawling, local shops to explore, the annual picnic, the closing (awards) ceremonies, the storytelling competition, and, of course, plenty to drink and eat while you wander the fairgrounds!

[Click to Enlarge]

To serve the transportation needs of many visitors, several inventive gnomes have opened up their special travel system in various cities throughout the continent.  The only such system that is open to the public will be located in Icemule Trace.

Please utilize the FESTIVAL schedule for further information on times of events, as well as for directions both to the event and around the grounds.  We look forward to seeing you at Jirkirl's Hilltop this year!

In addition to the festivities, we would like to introduce the new Vaikalimara Clan documentation, which you are welcome to browse at your convenience.  The document was written with the help of the Wordsmiths, a player organization that works with GM Scribes.

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