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Gemstone IV News

Spotted at Sea
Posted on 03/25/2011 03:51 AM CDT by the Webstaff



Welcome Aboard the Spitfire!

Platinum Run: Friday, April 8 - Thursday, April 14
Prime Run: Friday, April 15 - Thursday, April 21

Avast, ye lily-livered scallywags and landlubbers alike! The infamous Spitfire will be docking her bonny sails in Wehnimer's Landing come this Olaesta, with her crew of saucy halfling pirates in tow. Grab ye hearties and prepare yourselves for a rollicking bevy of merchants, shops, raffles, and services.

Who wouldn't want to try to join the ranks of the Spitfire crew? Word has it that there is an induction map in the cargo hold, so take a deep breath, EXHALE, and learn to navigate your way around the Spitfire -- and you could very well end up calling yourself one of her own!

Rumors are spreading like wildfire about a lost artifact of a wealthy pirate concealed somewhere in Wehnimer's Landing. Tales have been brought ashore by several trading vessels that the pirates of the Spitfire seek something more than just peddling their wares to customers.

Growing anticipation surrounds the arrival of the Spitfire and her exotic wares, bringing with it the promise of other opportunistic merchants and peddlers seeking their share of transient coin. The Spitfire festival is sure to bring well over fifty shops to the public. Here are the names of just a few!

Shop Name Items Sold
Fusion Arrrms Fusion Arms
Any Port in a Storm Magic Rings
Stars of the Sea Random Wands
Walk the Plank Miscellaneous Items
Vanishing Point Blade-concealing Bodices and Gowns
Wycrassine's Salvaged Rugs Rugs and Carpets
The Companion's Companion Companion Accessories
Scents of the Hills Scented Accessories
The Lorikeet's Aviary Weapons and Armor
Head Over Heels Shifting Slippers
Kirilla's Home of Reflections Mirrors
Blooming Gorgeous Hair Flowers
Chortel's Chuckles Toys
Don't Be Snotty Handkerchiefs
Swords N' Boards OHE Weapons and Shields
Lured In Fishing Items
A Cubby Hole Shifting Dice
Little Wars Gladiator Pit Toys
Rustaye's Good Weapons Weapons, Shields, and Armor
The Broken Glass Imbeddible Items
The Muse's Half-Note Instruments
The S.S. Saulty's Ship Shop Specialty Items
Castoffs Nautical Items
Lowai's Fishbar Food
Reading Room Skull-headed Maces
Tisla's Apparel Shoppe Imbeddible Apparel
Choco'Lots Chocolate Heaters and Molds
Pies-R-Us Pies
Crystal's Legacy Weapons and Lancets
Vellum? Damn Near Killed 'Em! Scrolls and Magic Items
Oceanic Emporium Miscellaneous Items
Hangin' From the Yardarm Marionettes
Just a Lil' Nip Weaving Items
Spin Thee and Wed Rings and Jewelry
Blargo's Blanks Blank Imbeddibles
Garthlan's Wares Lockpicks and Kits
Palace of the Sun Tehir Clothing and Accessories
Fur Closet Fur Coats and Clothing
Stashers and Slashers Weapons and Containers
Hide the Pelt Daggers, War Hammers, and Bags
Corsair's Finest Bandoliers, Harnesses, and Fletching Items
The Griffin's Cage Gambling Kits
A Stick In Your Eye Walking sticks and Runestaves
Vahmyr's Cart Containers and Clasps
I Joust Weapons and shields
Winged Helpers Winged Gear
Baker's Baked Goods Food
Tallytoe's Salvage Miscellaneous Items
Parlay's Playthings Pirate Toys and Carriers
The Lost Fletcher Bows, Bolts, Arrows, and Quivers
Glass Works Fishbowls and Glowbugs
Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt Game
Shifting Sands Prayer-feathers and Talking Sticks
A Peaked Emerald Tent Daggers and Sheaths
Taninky's Treasures Bargain Items
Flowers Galore Ear-worn Flowers
Verda's Veils Hair Ornaments and Veils
Thimbel's Threadworks Sweatshop Items
The Workery Sweatshop Items

Come sea hags or high water, the Spitfire draws the best and brightest tradespeople in all the lands!  Keep an eye out for the numerous pirates and merchants that will be entertaining guests, both on the ships decks and around the dock.

Merchant Name

Raffles and Services!

Raffle Location   Raffle or Service Type
The Companion's Companion   Animal Companion Grooming
Vanishing Point   Custom Perfumes and Script Unlocking
Crystal's Legacy   Weapon, armor, and shield-related services, in addition to some armor and shields forged from specialty materials.
"Vellum? It Nearly Killed 'Em!"   A series of enhancive jewelry and robes
Swords 'N Boards   Permablessing and Enchanting
Chortel's Chuckles   Wandering Tattoos
Don't Be Snotty   Script Unlocking
Choco'Lots   Chocolate Heaters
Pies-R-Us   Pie Makers


Miscellaneous Raffles

Various merchants will also be raffling off custom verbs, ezscripts, bubble flares, crit weighting, sonic item alterations, scripted runestaves, and unlocked sets of men's clothing.



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