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Gemstone IV News

2011 Goals
Posted on 02/17/2011 07:22 AM CST by the Webstaff
The following is an overview of our release GOALS for 2011. Actual releases are always subject to change as the result of unexpected difficulties, unexpected progress in other areas, staff changes, or changing player priorities, however this is what we have on the list for the coming year.

For those items marked "Ready for Beta", we expect to open the test instance within the next week or two. A forum will be set up for remarks from beta testers during that process. Beta testers will include 2010 Simucon attendees, as previously announced.

Droughtman's Challenge - Pay Quest
Town Storylines (see Towns section for more info)
Realm-wide Storyline (Prime - Ride of the Red Dreamer; Platinum - Rise of the Lornon)
Spitfire - Free Spring Festival
Small Early Summer Festival
Ebon Gate Festival - Pay Fall Festival
Wedding Upgrades and Enhancements (... continued)
Monthly Sonic Alteration offerings
Monthly Animal Companion Grooming offerings

Icemule Trace
--Major and minor storylines
--Williwaw Hall Release
--Continued updates to Cajela's Wares.

Kharam Dzu
--New town area releases
--Focus on smaller town interactions
--Glaesen Star travel updates

River's Rest
--New town area releases
--Citizen Perks
--General town improvements, including atmospheric messaging

--Refresh shop inventories
--Day/Night shop variances
--Updates to town atmospheric messaging
--New town area releases

--Town pins for Cysaegir
--Major and minor storylines
--New town area releases
--Continued minor updates to shops, areas and town NPCs

--Major and minor storylines
--Armaments museum
--Several refreshes and minor additions to existing areas

Wehnimer's Landing
--Bathhouse (completed)
--Short term and minor storylines
--Museum update
--Ongoing NPC updates and interactions and town improvements
--Frontier Days Festival

PREMIUM (including Mist Harbor)
Monthly Premium Contests
Mist Harbor Library Upgrades
Mist Harbor Profession Guilds
Mist Harbor Theatre Offerings
Bliss Island Rentals
Mist Harbor Deed Area
Private Property Releases for Premium members
Premium Summer Festival
Revamp & Creation of Premium Halls in various towns (... continued)

Sweetheart Festival - free weekend festival
Platinum Summer Trials (Including special Plat events!)
Monthly Platinum Raffles
Platinum Cart Offerings (new format)
Platinum-only Storylines
Platinum-specific area releases
No Animal Ungroomed Campaign
Sonic Alteration offerings

Private Property System Maintenance
Forging System Updates and Enhancements -- In Progress
Crafting System Updates -- In Progress
Player Mail System In Progress -- Ready for Beta
New Raffle System In Progress -- Ready for Beta
Thrown Weapon Combat Review -- In Progress
Monks -- In Progress
--Unarmed Combat System -- In Progress
--Minor Mental Spell Circle -- Ready for Beta
--New CMANs -- Ready for Beta
Symbol of the Proselyte (340) -- In Progress
Balefire (713) -- In Progress
Curse (715) Revision -- In Progress
Paladin Spell Circle Review -- In Discussion
BCS Creature Conversions -- Ongoing

Gnomish documentation
Human documentation, including History of Hendor and Hall of Mages.
Dwarven Spa release
Sylvan Swap-Meet
Sylvan documentation releases including Sylvan Marriage
Sylvan restaurant
Aelotoi documentation, including Aelotoi language and clothing
Aelotoi verbs
Halfling wagon tour
Halfling documentation, including death rites

Long term benefits cycles to continue
Ongoing MHO support
Ongoing support for structures

CHE officer titles (completed)
WHO HOUSE (completed)
Cross-realm transportation House pins (completed)
HOUSE EJECT (completed)
HOUSE TENT (completed)
INITIATE verb update (completed)
Podium fixes (completed)
Addition of new CHE
Ongoing support for CHE

Large Scale Mentor Event Spring Garden Gala
Continued support for events throughout the year

Accepting new applications
Ongoing support to continue producing documentation.

Ongoing support

Simutronics Corporation

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