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Gemstone IV News

Great Houses Implement Dues System
Posted on 03/09/2011 04:27 PM CST by the Webstaff

HOUSE DUES has now been rolled live. This is an automated system that allows house officers to collect either monthly or lifetime dues to allow access to their house. Currently, DUES for everyone is turned off. Your house officers should get in touch with you before they turn on dues with a plan to ensure everyone knows what's going on before they are turned on, so as to not run into issues or surprises. Please also note that DUES are NOT the same thing as induction fees, which are the fees you pay when initially inducted into a house. Dues are a monthly (or one-time) fee paid AFTER the induction fee for the privilege of continuing to have access to house grounds.

Once dues for your house are turned on (if they indeed are), EVERY member of the house will be unable to access any member-only areas of your house and annexes until they either pay one month's dues, or they pay the lifetime dues amount should one be offered. Also, there will be absolutely NO GRANDFATHERING of characters in regards to already paid dues. Players who have paid lifetime amounts or future dues need to get in contact with their house officers if they wish any sort of refund or reparation.

Dues can be paid by the DUES command. Dues can be paid to either a house clerk (listed in DUES CLERK), or to an officer of the house. DUES CHECK gives you information about your dues. Dues can only be paid in either monthly increments, or a single lifetime amount. Monthly dues will not apply to lifetime dues. Should you be paying monthly dues, you can at anytime pay the lifetime amount and then be set up as a lifetime member.

Officers have the ability, as stated above, to accept dues from members. In order to do so, find a house officer and type DUES PAY [amount] [officername] with them in the same room. Officers then have a command to accept those dues, so you don't have to find a house clerk.

Dues can be prepaid up to three months in advance. If you get over three months behind in your dues, you will be locked out from all member-only areas of your house and annexes. Once locked out, your dues will not continue to accrue, thus, you can never be more than three months behind on your dues. In order to clear your locked out status, all you need to do is pay your dues via one of the normal means, and the lock will be lifted.

Please note that the dues amounts are strictly set by the officers themselves, and any comments in regards to that should be directed towards them. If you have any technical issues, please ASSIST and give your information to a GameHost as you would with any system issue.

This message was originally posted in Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses), Interhouse Discussion. To discuss the above follow the link below.

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