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Gemstone IV News

Imperial Inquisition
Posted on 05/01/2007 01:02 AM CDT by the Webstaff
Rumors have spread to the port of Solhaven this evening that the imperial inquisition surrounding the assassination of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles, first cousin to the current Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, is about to conclude. At the core of the investigation is Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis and his involvement in decisions which may have resulted in the Empress' death, and possible ties to the origination of the assassination plot. The inquisition was established by His Imperial Majesty a few years ago shortly after the incident in question happened in the town of Solhaven.

Supporters of His Excellency Baron Malwind have expressed solidarity with the embattled baron, but they have grown concerned of late by the lack of clear information out of the inquisition. Should the inquisition find the baron's actions suspect, and at fault for the assassination of the Empress, he would be stripped of all rights, titles, and privileges, and be sentenced to execution. Were this to happen, the baron's immediate family would be shamed into exile, and the seat of the barony of Vornavis would remain under the overlordship control of the Sentinel of the North, His Excellency Earl Eddric Jovery, permanently, or until such a time as a new baron could be established.

Further at stake in the inquisition is the future Free Port status of Solhaven. If His Excellency Baron Malwind is found at fault and sentenced to execution, Solhaven's status would likely never be restored, even at the behest of His Excellency Earl Jovery, and full imperial control would preside over the town. As a result, the initial "imperial crackdown" that was felt immediately after the death of the Empress would be returned to full force, and felt throughout all corners of Solhaven.

The baronial court of His Excellency Baron Malwind has released a statement that all pending appointments with the Baron and overlord Earl Jovery have been cancelled for the month as the two travels to Tamzyrr to await the conclusion of the inquisition.

In the coming weeks, sides will likely be formed over the decision facing the imperial inquisition. Those who support His Excellency Baron Malwind of Vornavis, and those who wish to seek further justice for the assassination of their Imperial Majesty Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles. But everyone in the Turamzzyrian Empire, and those with a keen interest looking in from outside, wait for the final decree from His Imperial Majesty Emperor Aurmont Anodheles.

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