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Gemstone IV News

Violence Sweeps Turamzzyrian Empire
Posted on 05/06/2007 06:12 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Reports out of Tamzyrr and various capitals in baronies across the Turamzzyrian Empire write of an escalation in violence this past week. The violence erupted when someone not identified, but said to be close to the inquisition, leaked that the imperial inquisitors would find Baron Dunrith Malwind's decisions and actions surrounding the assassination of Her Imperial Majesty Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles suspect, and would subsequently advise Emperor Aurmont Anodheles to strip him of all privileges and sentence him to death.

The gap separating the factions that support the baron and those supporting his removal of title continues to grow wider as a result of the leaked information. Imperial soldiers have been sent to various cities and intervened in several city-wide riots in order to restore order.

Back in His Excellency's barony, several groups have organized an attempt to breach the baron's castle, only to find themselves facing the baron's personal guard and baronial soldiers left to protect the castle and the baron's family. No reports of any injuries, but several arrests were made.

All of Vornavis is on alert for signs of further escalation, and the neighboring city of Solhaven has also been cautioned due to it being the location of recent controversy.

Baron Malwind and Earl Eddric Jovery have yet to reach Tamzyrr as increased security has been put into place, but it is said that Baron Malwind had sent a missive back north, but to whom or for what reason remains unknown.

Additional rumors surrounding the inquisition have spread, suggesting a deep conspiracy between the Church of Koar and the imperial inquisitors, but so far, no proof has surfaced to substantiate the claims.

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